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Advertise Your Banner Here | $100/Week | Available Now! is a reliable investment monitoring services. Since 2007, we vigilantly provide updated and truthful program status reports in the hyip arena. has been reputed to be one of the fair and square monitors in the hyip industry, satisfactorily meeting the demands of site administrators and of the investor members as well.

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Last Paid: 2020-05-30
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AllStatus: ISP - HYIP's Technical Analysis AllHyipData
Min~Max: $10 to $50,000
Referral: 5-2-1
Started: 2019-04-22
Monitored: 40 days
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   Latest Hyip News
Aug-30-2013 04:45:42 AM
Bazaar update!

Dear Members,

I am really glad to be sending out this update today. As always, I want to first extend a very warm welcome to all our new members. We are excited to have you all on board especially at this exciting time as we approach our Launch!

Please accept our hearty apologies for this but we will not be launching on the 1st of September. It is beyond our control. We have just finished some offline testing and there was the odd bug here and there which needed fixing. So, after a rather lengthy meeting earlier today, we decided to postpone for a week to ensure we have a smooth launch. The Launch is now Scheduled for 11th September, 2013. This however will mean that all the pre-launch goodies will continue until then. So enjoy them while you can!

Here are the important changes that will be effective on Launch:

1. There will be no more Founder Packages.

2. There will be an Associate Monthly Fee of $4.95 a month.
All Founders have the fee waived for 6 months.
An exception will also be made for members who have active contracts which have a value of $50 or less.

3. The minimum for purchasing a Basic Contract will be $50.

We will reveal the precise specifics of The Bazaar before we Launch. We pledged to give you a unique advertising program. Take time to understand our vision and we will work with you to build a long term advertising platform that will build an exciting income for you.

Our time is NOW!

The Ads Bazaar Management
Aug-29-2013 08:37:15 AM
Welcome to Gold Rebound - Instant Recoil

Hello HyipSCOPE

We would like to welcome everyone who joined Gold Rebound in the first days of operations. We are truly amazed by the response of our members. More than 1000 members joined us in just 4 days with more than $65 000 invested. We thank you all for contributing to our success and we are anticipating only positive results from what the future holds for us and our members.

Furthermore, we would like to remind you the instant payments rule. All payment below or equal to $49.99 are processed instantly (within seconds). Payments above or equal to $50 are paid manually usually within minutes. The $50 limit for instant pay is valid for 24 hours. It means that you cannot withdraw multiple times $50 and expect to receive it instantly.

Also just for the record, there are several downtime moments with the Perfect Money website. We hope their site will be stable again. This is the reason why sometimes the instant payments to PM were processed manually.

We sincerely thank you again for joining us and we wish you pleasant earnings with Gold Rebound.

Louis (CEO of
Aug-28-2013 10:52:52 PM
FinMutual Newsletter Aug. 28th, 2013 has been online for over a month now and we have decided to send out a newsletter to our membership base announcing our new form of support as well as go over important aspects of We have launched Skype support. You can add us on your Skype; our username is: We have three available investment funds to our members ranging from 1.8% to 2.6% daily with a low entrance amount into all three funds depending on your needs. We accept a large variety of payment processors: SolidTrust Pay, Perfectmoney, EgoPay, Bitcoin and Pexpay. Stay tuned to our newsletters for any new pertinent information as well as any new features we plan to launch in the future. FinMutual is a FinGroup Limited Company, a duly incorporated company of the United Kingdom
Aug-28-2013 04:44:04 AM
Fidelis Finance moving forward

Dear HyipSCOPE,

Fidelis is now celebrating two weeks online and once more we had a great week in terms of business. We also included more reviews and monitoring websites in our ratings page and we are still looking for new partners in the next few weeks. We recently decided to increase our marketing budget so you will probably hear even more about Fidelis Finance from now and on, more banner ads and press releases will be published, not to mention our ratings page expansion.

We have also created a statistics page where you will be able to see with your own eyes how the program is developing. We will post screenshots from the back office of our script showing the main numbers about our business such as member count, business amount and pending withdrawals. In addition to the creation of this page, we will allow an administrator from a well respected monitoring website to login to Fidelis Finance's back office to ensure all the screenshots posted have not been modified and contain reliable information. Our goal with this is to provide you honest and accurate information about the health of our company.

We also received two new loan requests since our past newsletter and we are working hard to make our client's dreams come true. Within a few months, when some of the requests we are receiving now will be completed with loans given, we will ask our clients to write their success stories with Fidelis and share more information about it with you.

I hope you all have a great week and thank you for being a part of Fidelis Finance. If you're not an investor or promoter, stop wasting your time and join one of the most promising opportunities you will ever face. Where else can you make a 8% commission for showing people how to double their money in less than two months? Nowhere except Fidelis Finance!

Your Username is:
Your Email Address is:
Your Available Balance is: $0

Thank you,
FidelisFinance Management.
Aug-27-2013 08:57:32 AM
Latest update

Dear investors,

I know I just wrote one to you yesterday, but I really feel the need to write another one here.

Unfortunately, some of you may have noticed persons complaining on forums and some may have placed bad vote here and there on monitors as well, and perhaps you wondered why this is. In yesterday’s newsletter, I mentioned that those who refer themselves to earn extra commission will be banned. Some of these people went on and complained to monitors even though they know they are abusing the system. As a result, some of the monitors took notice and I spent the last few hours ensuring that the monitoring system is reflected fairly after hearing my side of the story

We are here to run a solid investment program and will strive to build a good reputation by great performance and integrity. We refuse to allow the few taking advantage of the many, as this will result in an imbalance of our finances. We chose to tackle them head on and highlight the problem here in the interest of open communication to our members. We have made careful calculations in order to continue growing in both quantity and quality, so that you can enjoy profits on your investments for a long time to come.

This rule has been posted all the time on our website and if someone happened to be caught cheating our system, we can not just circumvent the rule in the favor of the offenders.

If I may add one last sentence, I really appreciate it If you are happy with our performance, to take a little bit of time and help post them in forums.
The deed of one has the power to change the course of many.

Hopefully it is all smooth sailing from now and we can all continue this journey together.

State Profit
Your success starts here !

Michael Baskine
Aug-27-2013 07:51:14 AM
Noble Money Limited newsletter

Hello, dear Noble Money Limited Member!

First of all our staff would like thanks all of our loyal clients for being part of this wonderful online investment platform for 3 weeks. We would like to mention that Noble Money Limited has reached one of it's goals, to be best short term investment program. We have done in within 3 weeks, nowadays no other short term project can be compared to Nobel Money Limited, but this is just a begging of journey. As we can see other short term project have collapsed recently, our staff feels sorry for them and even more for their members, but we guess that's just lack of professionalism and experience from administration side. Noble Money Limited is open to share some basic principles how to run online investment program for newbie admins, in other words we are open to educate them, so-called education process, so you don't have to collapse after few unsuccessful days online, with this kind of new alternative way of thinking we believe that we can make industry more loyal and profitable for our investors, as we like to say, always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

Other good news for today is that we have fully switched to instant payments, all withdrawals up to $200 are processed instant, we do plan to increase instant withdrawal maximum amount in near future. That's it's for today, have a great day, enjoy your last days of summer. Do not spend your time and money on lower profile sites, as they have long way to go. Stay tuned, as we have more great within next few days.

Best Regards,
Aug-24-2013 11:54:34 PM
WIPFunds - Proof that we are here to stay for a very long time!


Good day to you. I just want to inform you that after a huge ddos attack on our site yesterday, our site has recovered and 100% fully operational again! In the recent days, we have faced a couple of problems that led to some down time and delays. We apologize for this. These unexpected problems occurred due to jealous people that want to bring us down. Fortunately, our team is equipped with the experience and expertise to go through all of these problems calmly and collectively. Our come back is a proof that WIPFunds is here to stay for a very long time. You have nothing to worry, and all will always be fine I promise. If you have a missing deposit, please send a message through support page with all the details. Have a great weekend everyone, cheers!

Victor Larusso
WIPFunds Administration
WIPFunds - Work in Progress
Aug-24-2013 11:53:52 PM
Weekend fun time!

Dear Members,

Sorry folks, we are late again. I am a bit pre-occupied with co-ordinating stuff for the exciting weeks ahead.

And now, let me take a moment to welcome all the new members who have joined us this week, we are so glad to have you all become part of our family. If you have any questions or want assistance please feel free to ask or join discussions here:

Ticket Support:
Skype: opulentfunds or roseofsavanah
IT Forum (our main one):
MMG Forum:

Every weekend, we have a bit of fun. Members who post during weekends post on both IT and MMG and we pick random winners or a winner for Saturday and Sunday. This weekend, we will do it just for tomorrow. 10 Random winners will be picked on Monday for Sunday posts. Each will win $10. As always the rule is, you have to post 3 images on TAB and then tell us what you posted on both;

IT Forum:

MMG Forum :

Please remember this is just for fun and all members regardless of whether you have active contracts or not are eligible to win.

Earlier today I added a short and very simple Promo Video:

Once again, feel free to make your own if you are the creative kind. Send it in and we'll check it and upload it if we like it.

Also there is your Splash page for AdCampaigns:

Both are now posted under "Promotional Banners" in your Member Area.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

The Ads Bazaar Management
Aug-22-2013 10:44:29 PM - We are growing up! Thank you!

Profiteo is growing up! All thanks to YOU!
If you didnt support us yet, YOU can do it here :
And for russian users:

You can also rate our program here:

Join to your FaceBook group to get fresh informations about our program everyday.

Thank YOU for support!
Aug-22-2013 10:43:27 PM
(^_^) Click Paid Migration Successful

Greetings from the ACX Executive Team!

As always, we would like to offer a warm welcome
to all new members who are joining us each day
and express our sincere gratitude for giving us the
opportunity to support you in your financial dreams.
We know there are many programs to make money
online, but we feel we have the best and will do
everything in our power to prove it to you.

Click Paid Migration:

The Click Paid Migration has started and it is running
smoothly. We are anticipating many great things
from this migration. Many of the members of Click
Paid were also part of the JustBeenPaid organization.
Now that all members of JBP, PC and CP are all part
of the ACX family, we believe we have the power to
rocket this program into the Universe, helping each
member continue to reach their financial goals. Good
Things Are Happening Every Single Day At Ad Click

Payza Now Available:

A quick reminder to all our new members, Payza is
now handling funding and withdrawal requests for
ACX members. As a well-respected member of the
online financial payment processor community, Payza
has proven time and again why they are one of the
leaders in this industry. We encourage all ACX
members to create a free Payza account if you haven't

Global Representatives:

We are constantly working to provide better support
for members worldwide through the generous help
of the Global Representatives Group. We value each
representative's commitment and willingness to
support ACX Members in their respective regions. If
you would like to offer your support to ACX as a new
Global Representative, please proceed to

Again, we wish to thank All ACX Members for allowing
us the opportunity of supporting you as we work
together to reach your financial dreams.

Here's to another successful next week!

Ad Click Xpress beats every competitor!

You're at the right place, because Ad Click
Xpress (ACX) is experiencing amazing success
right now, and it's only going to stop when
members no longer want to triple their money
for simply viewing advertiser web sites.

Check out our success at

See the graph moving up? That means we are
taking the Internet by Storm!

So don't miss out on our huge success!

Keep in mind, while ponzis and illegal investment
programs are crashing each week, Ad Click Xpress
keeps on paying like crazy, day after day, withdrawal
after withdrawal.

How is this possible?

Read all about the ACX Compensation Plan, at

and see what separates ACX from every other
program you've ever experienced - it's amazing
how much money you can make, and we're going to
simply keep right on doing it!

Make the best of your situation

Some members have been telling us that they
no longer want to participate, because of
the requirement to spend money in ACX, even
though they have losses from Profit Clicking
(PC) recorded in their Member Area. Well, we
think this is ridiculous, because you can get
full access to all your PC funds today, by
simply following the steps at

Even review a video about how to do this:

So what do you do next?

1) Spend as much money as you can afford
on Ad Packages - that's the number one
way to make money in ACX.

2) Refer as many people as you can to ACX,
because that's the other way to make money
with ACX.

In fact, those are the only two ways to
make money in ACX at this time, so let's go!

Log in again, today!

Be Sure to Contact All Your Referrals!

This is so important - some of your referrals
are no longer reading company E-mails, so
look to see which of your referrals have
migrated over to ACX by clicking on "My

Those who have not migrated yet have
probably not gotten the news about ACX and
so they still need an E-mail from you!

Remember, many people tend to no longer
pay attention after being in a program for a
while; however, they will much more likely
listen to your words of encouragement before
they believe what the company tells them.

It's FREE to migrate to ACX, and ALL expected
earnings from Profit Clicking (and now Click
Paid) are projected to be assumed by ACX.

This is really great news, so make sure your
referrals know about it!

Start by logging in to Ad Click Xpress at

Take full advantage of Ad Click Xpress

Earn by buying Ad Packages

In ACX, you can earn up to 20 cents per day
for every advertising package you buy.

And you can earn up to 10 cents per day on
the weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
for every advertising package you buy.

You can receive daily earnings on each of
your ad packages purchased, until they reach
a maximum of $15 - that's up to 20 cents
per day per ad package, and you are allowed
to buy up to 25,000 ad packages!

Here are some examples:

Purchase Price Earn Back
$10 $15
$100 $150
$1,000 $1,500
$10,000 $15,000
$100,000 $150,000

It's up to you, how much you earn,
and this method of earning is
totally easy - simply view other
member web sites, only a few per day!

Get started today, by logging in at

Big Commissions for Promoters

Earn Up to $5,000 a Day per first level
referral and up to $2,500 a Day per second
level referral, just by promoting your web
sites to others, and we teach you how
to do it!

That's without even buying any ad packages!

Yes, you have to do something that you
might never have done before, by telling
other people about this business
opportunity, but it's quite easy once
you see how we teach it. This system sells
itself so people will sign up under you
very easily.

Start learning how to promote online,
today - it's a great way to secure your
financial future!

And get ready for all the enhancements
to the user experience at Ad Click Xpress:

Okay, we're ready to serve you!

Very Important Information Follows

Extremely Healthy Business Growth!

You should also know that your program
continues to grow strongly, as you can
see from our Alexa traffic chart, ACX
was ranked during the past week at an
incredible number 914 in the entire world!
Keep in mind that every new web site
starts at about Alexa ranking 24,000,000!

Click "Traffic Stats" and "Reach." If
you scroll down to "Country" and click
"More", you can see how we're doing in
various parts of the world.

Feel free to compare our success with
any other site you encounter!

The Ad Click Xpress Test Drive will
benefit all Members who create their
Ad Click Xpress accounts for the
first time. By seeing that "$10 free
test drive" in their Ad Click Xpress
accounts, they can immediately buy
an Ad Click Xpress Ad Package and
start earning!

It's very easy to make money with
Ad Click Xpress!

Working for Your Wealth and Success,

Your Ad Click Xpress Success Team

P.S. We challenge you to find any
program that's easier to make money with
than Ad Click Xpress.

P.P.S. Ad Click Xpress is likely to
become "the program everyone in the
know joins." If you join immediately,
you can tell your friends and contacts
about it -- before they join under
someone else.
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  7. 250 days - Quantum A.I Trade
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  10. 40 days - COMEX Trades
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Latest Payouts
 Triumph Trade + $0.80 
Date: May 30th  
 W Capital + $0.80 
Date: May 30th  
 BitWealth Company + $0.80 
Date: May 30th  
 Logic Pro + $1.00 
Date: May 30th  
 Logic Pro + $1.00 
Date: May 30th  
 Logic Pro + $1.00 
Date: May 30th  
 Assetsholding + $1.00 
Date: May 30th  
 Quantum A.I Trade + $0.80 
Date: May 30th  
 Keeper-Money Limited + $0.99 
Date: May 30th  
 AlysDax + $1.18 
Date: May 30th  
 COMEX Trades Elite Sticky Listing + $3.00 
Date: May 30th  
 COMEX Trades Elite Sticky Listing + $5.40 
Date: May 30th  
Date: May 29th  
 Triumph Trade + $0.80 
Date: May 28th  
 W Capital + $0.80 
Date: May 28th  
Latest Votes
COMEX Trades Elite Sticky Listing
Date: 30.05.2020 11:18:23 ID: 1042775766 Details: P1021047645 → P1012405059 Amount: 0.49 USD Comment: Withdraw to InstantMonitorCom from COMEX Trades
COMEX Trades Elite Sticky Listing
30.05.20 08:44 Received Payment 1.26 USD from account U20560304 to account U5077677. Batch: 316633749. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to edpr2140 from COMEX Trades.
Keeper-Money Limited
Thanks admin received fast withdraw good job Keeper-Money Limited + 10000 USD Date: 29.05.2020 18:17:34 ID: 955723421 Details: P14274357 ? P70094509 Amount: 10000 USD Comment: Withdraw to chalmers From Keeper-Money Limited
The amount of 15 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U24983905->U19811025. Memo: API Payment. Payment for InstantMonitorCom from Date: 10:26 29.05.20. Batch: 316509641.
The amount of 3.09 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U20628430->U19811025. Memo: API Payment. Date: 11:47 29.05.20. Batch: 316520709.
COMEX Trades Elite Sticky Listing
The amount of 11 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U20560304->U19811025. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to InstantMonitorCom from COMEX Trades.. Date: 08:29 29.05.20. Batch: 316492967.
05.28.20 12:50 Account Transfer -200 Sent Payment: 200 USD to account U67722XX from U21521573. Batch: 3992232XX. Memo: PAYOUTS FROM FOBSPAYMENT.COM
CLEGG FINANCE SCAM. This hype doesn\'t pay withdrawals and asks for more deposits to unlock the previous ones. If you then send other deposits it tells you that you have sent the wrong and it is \'Bitcoin\' fault if it has failed. They stolen me 1230 Dollars.
Your efforts at strengthening our culture have not gone unnoticed.
COMEX Trades Elite Sticky Listing
I GOT MY PAYMENT FROM 100 DAYS. The amount of 650000 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U20560304-U165***. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to from COMEX Trades.. Date: 08:23 27.05.20. Batch: 316218310
Oilax Technology
Forget 5 stars - this guy is 10 star material The amount of 6000 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U21164322->U** Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to from Oilax Technology.. Date: 01:06 27.05.20. Batch: 316190533.
05.26.20 10:25 Account Transfer -20000 Sent Payment: 20000 USD to account U67864XX from U21521573. Batch: 3543245XX. Memo: PAYOUTS FROM FOBSPAYMENT.COM
Oilax Technology
I never wait for any payment Date : 2020-05-27 00:31 From/To Account : U21164322 Amount : 6000.00 Currency : USD Batch : 316189581 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw from Oilax Technology.
Oilax Technology
Paid 00:16 05.27.20 Receive 0.42205877 BTC Batch is be081150a827311f050d55be83cb0d4a7f496311b706507d78e65d3f6c01987c
COMEX Trades Elite Sticky Listing
The amount of 1021 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U20560304-U19811025. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to from COMEX Trades.. Date: 08:14 26.05.20. Batch: 316078006
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Bazaar update!
TheAdsBazaar Newsletter >> read details
Aug-30-2013 04:45:42 AM
Welcome to Gold Rebound - Instant Recoil
Gold Rebound Newsletter >> read details
Aug-29-2013 08:37:15 AM
FinMutual Newsletter Aug. 28th, 2013
FinMutual Newsletter >> read details
Aug-28-2013 10:52:52 PM
Fidelis Finance moving forward
Fidelis Finance Newsletter >> read details
Aug-28-2013 04:44:04 AM
Latest update
State Profit Newsletter >> read details
Aug-27-2013 08:57:32 AM
Noble Money Limited newsletter
Noble Money Limited newsletter >> read details
Aug-27-2013 07:51:14 AM
WIPFunds - Proof that we are here to stay for a very long time!
WIPFunds Newsletter >> read details
Aug-24-2013 11:54:34 PM
Weekend fun time!
TheAdsBazaar Newsletter >> read details
Aug-24-2013 11:53:52 PM - We are growing up! Thank you!
Profiteo Newsletter >> read details
Aug-22-2013 10:44:29 PM
(^_^) Click Paid Migration Successful
Ad Click Xpress Newsletter >> read details
Aug-22-2013 10:43:27 PM
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