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   Latest Hyip News
Oct-29-2013 08:34:23 PM
Positive Changes Are Happening at ACX

Wow, what a busy few days we have had at ACX!

We want to offer our sincere appreciation to our
amazing members for your support during a
difficult situation for ACX. Our goal is to always
take care of our members, but sometimes it may
not seem that way. The best thing we can do for
you is to make sure ACX is healthy and strong.
The ACX Executive Team recently made decisions
that were difficult, but they were all the right things
to do for the company and the members! So
thank you for being so accepting of our decisions.

Member Quotes--

Even though the latest delays are taking a little
longer to fix than we hoped, here are just a few of
the thousands of comments of support made by
our members on Social Media and in Support Tickets
submitted regarding the company's recent challenges:

- Please stay strong! ACX needs to take care of the
company first so you can take care of members.
Scott P, USA

- I believe ACX doing hard work for us. Ganbate!
Kiyoshi T, Japan

- We must continue to show our trust in ACX by
purchasing Ad Packs and Media Packs. A sales
company depends on sales, and THEN commissions
can be paid. Doing nothing only makes matters worse.
Robert C, Canada

- Life always has challenges. Winners will stay
focused on the positives and work through the
negatives. If we give up in difficult times we never grow
and never succeed. Sidney N, USA

- I can wait for withdrawal until ACX is ready. I love ACX
because they changed my life. Abdul H, Bangladesh

THANK YOU to all our ACX Members who understand
that there are ups and downs in business - it isn't
always perfect, but we always strive for perfection.
We are working for you, and we are committed to
making your financial dreams come true. Together we
can make this happen.

Maximize ACX Systems--

When an XpressShift occurs in the ACX system, a
portion of the Ad Packs company-wide are moved or
"shifted" to the Ad Panels to pay out at a later time.
Most members understand this feature is actually what
separates ACX from all other companies, because it
allows for the Ad Packs (and Media Packs) to continue
paying back 2% indefinitely. When an XpressShift is
executed, it is an indication to you that the system is
working properly, so please take this understanding
with you as you continue to maximize your money-
making opportunities at ACX.

After an XpressShift has been announced, always do
the activities that make you the most money:

1) Buy Ad/Media Packs - THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST

Especially after an XpressShift has been announced,
the smart thing to do is buy more Ad Packs. Whether
you fund with new money or just use 100% of Daily
Sales Commissions (DSC) to repurchase, it is so
important to build up your daily earnings as fast as
possible. It is certainly not the time to try to withdraw,
as that is a panic mentality that is much less profitable
and short-sighted.

Also, don't forget about the New Media Xchange.
Currently you are able to move funds from the Ad
System wallet to the Media System wallet in order
to purchase Media Packs. Remember, they also
earn 2%, and the requirement for earning is viewing
fun photos, and very soon, entertaining videos. The
earnings are the same, the activity is more enjoyable,
and your new referrals are likely going to want to put
their money into the Media System - which means
more referral commissions (up to 10%) will be
coming from the Media System. Click on the link
below to transfer funds from your Ad System wallet
to purchase as many Media Packs as you can afford.

2) Share, Share, Share!!!

There is no doubt that the best way to make A LOT
of money at ACX is by sharing the program with your
friends and family. Perhaps you have tried and were
turned down. Try again, because now we have
something really special to offer - the Media System
which is based on Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

The SHARE MEDIA feature is really a terrific way to
introduce ACX to the people you know best. It is
simple to use and hard to reject. Click on the link
below to get started:

3) Accelerators Mean Fast Money

With each XpressShift, you qualify for you get additional
FREE Ad Panels, which will eventually pay you a Panel
Rebate of up to $60. The quickest way to receive those
rebates is by purchasing Accelerator Upgrades. When
you do this, your Ad Panels' open spots fill first, and when
all six spots are filled, you get paid up to $60. Be sure to
check out your Panels often to manage them properly.
There is a lot of instructional help found on the ACX

Need Money? Upload 10 Media Images--

The $5 Reward for 10 New Media Images you upload
is going strong and many members are earning as
much as $50 a day. All that is required to earn $5 is
10 unique, funny images uploaded by you, and when
they are approved, you will be credited $5 within 24
hours. That is really easy money and anyone who
has the internet can find 10 funny images in just a
few minutes of searching. Check out the detail of
this program:

PayToo Prepared to Assist ACX Members--

For members in the U.S. who have primarily used
Payza for funding and withdrawals, PayToo is a
perfect addition to SolidTrust Pay. The services
offered by PayToo will provide everything members
need in financial dealings with ACX.

Registering your cell phone with PayToo is not
mandatory, but it is advised for the best service
possible. Your PayToo account will be linked to
a UNIQUE CELL PHONE number where we will
send you alerts and transaction confirmation
requests. You must be able to receive text
messages on this phone number, please do not
enter a landline phone number.


As was mentioned at the beginning of this Update,
we appreciate the attitude of most members in
how they are handling the recent decision to make
adjustments to the most recent XpressShift and to
delay withdrawals in order to keep the company on
a solid foundation. Our goal is to always focus on
the positive aspects of the company, and when we do,
we always find more to be grateful for compared to
things that disappoint.

It is true in life as well. Whatever we focus on, we
attract and experience more of it. So let's all focus
on the many wonderful and positive things in our lives
and in our ACX business. We promise your lives will
be more enjoyable and your days will be filled with
greater happiness.

Here's to a fantastic week full of good news!

ACX Executive Team

P.S. Details of the Restoration Initiative are being
finalized. Watch for a "Special Restoration" Update
coming soon. In the mean time, read about how much
your PC/CP Wallets may be worth to you by using
them to add 20% to 30% to your purchases:

P.P.S. As is noted in the ACX FAQs, there are times
when "abnormal circumstances" require an XpressShift
when one would not normally be needed. Unfortunately,
with the current situation at Payza, we are facing abnormal

XpressShift FAQ Note: Under certain "abnormal
circumstances", a complete XpressShift may have to be
done. An example would be if a Payment Processor were
to freeze our account and steal our funds. A complete
XpressShift would convert ALL Advertising Packages
positions into Ad Click Xpress Panels. Members retain
all their Ad Click Xpress Panels and can continue earning
from them.
Oct-29-2013 08:15:42 PM
BioFuture Newsletter

Hello HyipSCOPE

BioFuture has crossed an important milestone - over 50K deposited in just a few days!

It is excitingly evident that member confidence in BioFuture is high. This sets the stage for a fruitful collaboration between admin team and members. Keep up the great job while we keep working with our advertising plan.

As we approach our first week online we look forward to rapidly crossing bigger milestones. We are modest enough to give a generous share of credit to all members for making BioFuture stand in a class of its own.

To a Brighter Future!
BioFuture Admin
Oct-28-2013 11:07:26 AM
BioFuture Newsletter

Hello HyipSCOPE

Our Live Chat service provider is currently offline. We do appreciate the importance of keeping communication lines open, which is why we have registered a profile on MMG to provide support and updates to members.

Also, we have opened up a Skype room and you will have Mark and myself at your service for most of the day. You can find a Skype button on the homepage which will take you directly to the room.

If you haven't liked our Facebook page we strongly suggest you do so as updates will be posted there as well.

BioFuture keeps on surpassing expectations taking in healthy deposits and growth even during the weekend. Thank you for choosing us!

To a Brighter Future!
Bruce Evans BioFuture Admin.
Oct-28-2013 05:30:00 AM
Please join the Invoil Facebook Group link inside

Dear Members,

Please join the invoil discussion group at facebook by clicking the following link and then click Join.

Thank you and hope to see you there. I am very active there.

Regards, Saimon Spinner ( COO )
Oct-28-2013 05:25:02 AM
Please join the Invoil Facebook Group link inside

Dear Members,

Please join the invoil discussion group at facebook by clicking the following link and then click Join.

Thank you and hope to see you there. I am very active there.

Regards, Saimon Spinner ( COO )
Oct-27-2013 09:02:15 AM
Pexpay is accepted at

Dear Members,

You are receiving this e-mail today because we have great news for you. On our website, you shall find another payment method added as another means of deposit. We have started to accept Pexpay today ( ) .

This is great news for those who already have accounts with them. You can start by adding your Pexpay account on your profile by editing your account. Just a reminder that we are giving you the ability to edit your payment processor accounts on your invoil profiles today until tomorrow ( for 48 hours only ) and after the time limit, we will be disabling processor account editing on your account again. In order then for you to add your pexpay account to your profile after that time, you will need to contact us and we will manually add the account to your profile.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Regards, Saimon Spinner ( COO )
Oct-26-2013 09:15:05 PM
Strong BS Newsletter


We have to report that in the last few days, StrongBS under intense DDoS-attack, but no matter what's been working for a long time and even now is available in some regions. However, most people have difficulty with access. In this connection it was decided to change the physical location of our main server, as well as on the transition under enhanced protection system against DDoS-attacks.

At present, we urgently launched blog StrongBS:
It will publish all the current information about the work and the latest news.

Separately, we note that all requests for payments, which were created by our investors, successfully met.

Thank you for your trust,
team StrongBS Ltd.
Oct-25-2013 09:59:57 PM
Ad Click Xpress Newsletter

We want to welcome our New ACX Members and
offer a sincere "Thank You" to our affiliates around
the world. Your continued belief and support during
the system transitions implemented this past week
have put ACX in a magnificent position; we're reaching
new heights everyday! Great Work Everyone!

EMG Call Wrap Up--

Yesterday, the Elite Marketing Group Conference Call
was well-attended once again, and members received
insights regarding the progress of various company
projects, and new marketing ideas for the Media
Xchange were shared by our hosts Kent and Victor.
With so many things happening all once at ACX it was
good to know that all projects are on pace to fulfill
expectations and expedite the simplicity of the ACX
money-making program.

This past Friday's call will be posted soon - see the
latest calls at

XpressShift Creating New Panels:

Because there are still members who don't fully
understand the purpose and value of the XpressShift
(restart), both Kent and Victor shared personal
experiences to help explain the value of this feature.
The free Ad Panels that are created from the XpressShift
can be viewed like a "savings accounts", meaning
money is being set aside for future access. The
earnings from the Ad Packs are being "shifted" to the
Ad Panels expeditiously in order to maintain the earning
potential of the Ad Pack system. The money "shifted"
is not lost, rather it is placed into the second portion of
the ACX Ad system, the Ad Panels, which will continue
to pay out for months and months.

The XpressShift is the best way to keep the Ad Packs
indefinitely earning 2% a day that we know of. Members
who had Ad Packs that were eligible to be "shifted" will
ultimately earn MORE money in the long run. To learn
more about the XpressShift feature, please click on the
link below.

Earn Additional Income by Uploading Media Files:

The recent program initiated to offer a $5 Reward for
10 New Media Uploads has proven to be extremely
successful for ACX and lucrative for members. Now
ACX Members can earn $5, which can be used to
purchase a new Media Pack, each time they upload
10 new images. There are no restrictions at this time,
so anyone can easily earn $50 to $100 a day by simply
finding and loading 100 to 200 new images. Of course
the images will need to fit into the current category of
Funny and Entertaining.

If you have referrals who need to boost their earnings,
but don't have much money to buy Media Packs, show
them how to spend an hour or two online finding new
material for the Media Xchange. Each $5 Media Pack
they buy will pay them back 150% or $7.50. This is
likely to last only a limited time, so now's the time to act.

Use Affiliate Pages to Share Media Xchange:

By far the most successful way to share the new Media
Xchange with others, especially friends and family
members, is the Media Xchange Affiliate Page. Select
one of the media images you think your warm market
will find entertaining, click on the SHARE MEDIA button
and sent it through Social Media Instant Messaging or
via email. Your friends and family will see it and be
immediately intrigued. Once they try out the Media
system for themselves, most people will want to join
ACX so THEY can make money too. And when they
join and buy Media Packs, you get to make MORE
money. Simple, right?

Huge Earnings by Sharing Ad Click Xpress:

Did you know you can make up to $5,000 a day from
introducing one referral to Ad Click Xpress?

Review the Ad Click Xpress Compensation Plan for
Affiliates who refer others at

New Page Explaining the Power of PC/CP Wallets:

With the Restoration Initiative coming soon, we feel
obligated to share the power of using your PC and CP
wallet balances as you make Ad Pack and Media Pack
purchases. It is no secret that the Ad/Media Pack
System of earning 2% each day in payback is a very
robust way to earn Daily Sales Commissions. What
some people don't understand still is the power of
accessing PC/CP money to buy additional Ad/Media
Packs. Anyone with a PC Basic wallet can now add
20% more money to new Ad/Media Pack purchases.
Those who have CP and PC Premium wallets can
add 30% more each time. This translates into your
Ad/Media Packs growing 20% to 30% faster.

If you can afford to put new money into the ACX system,
keeping the PC and CP wallets intact as they are now
might be more beneficial than receiving a smaller
percentage of the PC/CP wallet balance via the coming
Restoration Initiative.

All of his may seems a little confusing, so we will be
sure to explain all the Restoration Initiative details and
possible outcomes from exchanging PC/CP wallet
balances for Ad Packs or Media Packs without having
to come up with new money.

Well, that's a wrap of the EMG Conference Call. We
thank you all for being part of the ACX Family and hope
you will find our money-making system all that we mean
it to be. We believe we are the Best of the Best, and we
appreciate your letting us prove it to you.

Have a great weekend!

ACX Executive Team
Oct-25-2013 09:59:21 PM
Epic First Day!

BioFuture has had an EPIC first Day! The Stats as you can see are sensational. We know we have to thank you all for the extraordinary response.

Let me now assure you that this blockbuster opening was exactly what we had in mind to achieve when we put our advertising wheel in motion. And more importantly I want to assure you that our first week will be fully devoted to keep up, tweak and fortify our campaign so BioFuture can capitilise on this phenomenal start.

The HYIP industry is unpredictable, members are constantly striving to "keep ahead of the game" and it's becoming increasingly difficult for even good programs to make it beyond the first cycle. We understand that there is no sinister motive on either side, the driving factor is profits or "winning" if you like. The last time we checked that was perfectly alright. Our job is to ensure that BioFuture stands apart from the rest, we are here to win your confidence because that is the only way to "breakthrough" the arid climate facing the HYIP industry. The answer is clear, we are going all the way. We are not here to pay for 2-3 cycles, BioFuture is thinking BIG. Our classification may be "Mid-term" because of the reasonable rates offered but our intention is to go long term!

Inspite of the hectic schedule, you will be bound to have someone on live support for most of the day. You are welcome to drop in for a chat or request support.

To a Brighter Future!
Bruce Evans
BioFuture Admin
Oct-23-2013 04:53:16 AM
We will soon accept Bitcoin

Dear Members,

We want to notify everyone that we have received your requests for us to be able to accept Bitcoins. As you may know, we want to cater to all requests of our members and we want to inform you that we will soon be adding Bitcoin as another accepted E-currency.

Although Bitcoin's spot market value is very volatile (as in changing every moment, sometimes by a huge amount difference) , we are working on trying to implement it on our program with convenience in mind.

We will update you once we are ready to start accepting bitcoins.

If you think we should start accepting bitcoins and converting the funds to another e-currency of your choice as a deposit on your account. Please get in touch with our customer support representatives and discuss with them.

Thank you and wishing everyone a blessed day.

Regards, Saimon Spinner ( COO )
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OKHOUR.COM pays instant. 03.02.21 03:04 Account Receive +1.25 Received Payment 1.25 USD from account U15091630 to account U7664***. Batch: 373400578. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Basketball from
01.03.21 14:41 Received Payment 8.00 USD from account U15091630 to account U5077677. Batch: 373275346. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to edpr2140 from
OKHOUR.COM pays instant. 03.01.21 04:19 Account Receive +4.05 Received Payment 4.05 USD from account U15091630 to account U7664***. Batch: 372677718. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Basketball from
28.02.21 11:52 Received Payment 7.8 USD from account U15091630 to account U5077677. Batch: 372499665. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to edpr2140 from
OKHOUR.COM pays instant. 02.28.21 05:18 Account Receive +4.37 Received Payment 4.37 USD from account U15091630 to account U7664***. Batch: 372381795. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Basketball from
Wow wow program ever!
Your service was Excellent and very Fast. Many thanks for your kind and efficient service
You can definitely be relied upon by team members.
27.02.21 11:39 Received Payment 5.93 USD from account U15091630 to account U5077677. Batch: 372187420. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to edpr2140 from
W Capital Elite Sticky Listing
Recently I lost $4590 In This HYIP , But Many Thanks to HYIPHELP.COM , They Helped Me & Recovered my lost money from that SCAM Hyip , They helps everyone their contact website is -
OKHOUR.COM pays instant. 02.27.21 04:19 Account Receive +3.75 Received Payment 3.75 USD from account U15091630 to account U7664***. Batch: 372079248. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Basketball from
You have a unique imagination and have come up with some of the most creative ideas we’ve ever seen.
You pay more faster than before, that’s quite an improvement.
Your communication skills are great and you can make others understand your point clearly.
Thanks for always going Above and Beyond!
Latest Hyip News
Positive Changes Are Happening at ACX
Ad Click Xpress Newsletter >> read details
Oct-29-2013 08:34:23 PM
BioFuture Newsletter
BioFuture Newsletter >> read details
Oct-29-2013 08:15:42 PM
BioFuture Newsletter
BioFuture Newsletter >> read details
Oct-28-2013 11:07:26 AM
Please join the Invoil Facebook Group link inside
Invoil Newsletter >> read details
Oct-28-2013 05:30:00 AM
Please join the Invoil Facebook Group link inside
Invoil Newsletter >> read details
Oct-28-2013 05:25:02 AM
Pexpay is accepted at
Invoil Newsletter >> read details
Oct-27-2013 09:02:15 AM
Strong BS Newsletter
Strong BS Newsletter >> read details
Oct-26-2013 09:15:05 PM
Ad Click Xpress Newsletter
Ad Click Xpress Newsletter >> read details
Oct-25-2013 09:59:57 PM
Epic First Day!
BioFuture Newsletter >> read details
Oct-25-2013 09:59:21 PM
We will soon accept Bitcoin
InvOil Newsletter >> read details
Oct-23-2013 04:53:16 AM
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