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   Latest Hyip News
Nov-14-2009 05:38:33 AM
LARIOX conditional payment

Hello Buddies,

It has come to my attention that the program LARIOX is compelling their members to send them some documents in order to get paid for the current pending withdrawal requests. They demand documents similar to what Payment Processors usually require to get a verified status. I dont know what other reasons are behind it except that it might possibly be used without the members consent as a template for making supporting documents to be submitted on various payment processors. There are no more logical plot that I could think of about it. Heres the message that I got about that conditional payment:

Hi Dear Member,

Apologize for delay payment,Please send this document After verified your account we all pending withdarw paid.

Please send to :
government issued, non-expired, UNALTERED photo identification (passport, drivers license, country ID card, etc) and recent phone bill matching the phone number AND address as registered in your profile.

Best Regards,
Blythe Masters
Lariox Inc,

Moreover, Lariox administration did not even make an effort to explain the purpose of that inquisition. It was not on their terms beforehand either. So I can safely venture to assume that something very fishy is being premeditated here. Please beware and think twice before letting them acquire your respective personal information.

Nov-12-2009 12:18:36 PM
XOMFUND might be closing out

November 13, 2009
at 2:10 AM GMT+8

Hello Buddies

It could be that the program called XomFund ( is on the verge of scamming.
Aside from me, there are other reports of pending withdrawals from the site.
It would be wise for all of you out there to take some caution.
Do not pour in fresh money for now.

Nov-11-2009 12:25:32 AM
132Ads Closed

Today, Nov.11,2009; the admin (Lingo) announced inside the members' area the closure of His message is as follows:

Hi, this is it, a bunch of mess and i cannot continue it anymore. Wrong payment, charged back, funds freeze and even some of them got reversed because of fraudulent funds??!! I am exhausted, no sleep since the payout. I failed 2 programs, i am sorry and i realized it is not an easy job at all to run a good program now. No wonder this industry is falling. Upgrade is now disabled. However the surf is still here, you can utilise the functions for your sites. Send your email to for any problem, i hope to receive reply from members who received wrong payment. All funds will be returned minus the fees charged, but please do not expect you will get full or even partial payment, it all depends on the funds i have now. I know most of you will angry but this is only what i can do.

I hate seeing this one go since I personally lost around 70 usd here. Although he paid me $132 on my first $100 upgrade in AP, the site yielded a loss overall for me owing to the fact that I still have remaining upgrades that Lingo was not able to pay back ($30 in SP and $70 in LR).

Well, Im not used to crying in forums so whats best for us to do is to move on to another opportunity.
As usual, we can not win them all.

May the profits be with you always!


~ iskofer ~
Nov-9-2009 03:06:02 AM
OctProfit Update

Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 11:09 AM

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend :)

I just wanted to share the stats of our program, OctProfit, with our dear members out there. As you all know, our program have been receiving a large number of signups daily from the time we started the program. At the moment, OctProfit is growing at a rapid rate.

As of the time being, we have 1140 members. Isn’t it just amazing that we achieved such a large member database within a short period of time, to be exact, just in a period of 5 days? Indeed it is. We take this opportunity to thank all our members who have been promoting Octprofit to the best of their abilities.

Most of the members have invested into the 15 day plan, which gives an amazing return of 175%( which includes the principal) in 15 days. For all those members who don’t wish to risk their money can invest in the 4 days plan and earn a nice 18% profit in just 4 days :)

And what more? All those members who invest through Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money can enjoy instant withdrawals. All StrictPay and AlertPay withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours, or may be soon, after the withdrawal request is given.

We are also offering a 6% referral commission, which means all those members who invite their friends to join OctProfit through their referral link and have them deposit in OctProfit, will earn 6% of their friends’ deposits.

For example, if you get a referral who makes a deposit of $1000, you will earn $60 from that referral's deposit.

Also, we are having a referral contest running. The first 3 members who get the most number of referrals with active deposits will be awarded cash prizes of $100, $75 and $50. The referral contest ends on November 13th, 2009.

So what are you waiting for? Start inviting your friends, promote the program and earn for yourselves :)

Enjoy your Sunday! :)

Kind Regards

OctProfit Admin

Nov-8-2009 03:46:11 AM
Pszota Update

Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 10:12 AM

Dear iskofer,,

I am very happy to announce the programme is now 35 days old!!, We have very very close to 300 members. We have been paying to everyone mostly within normal paying time of 2 business days depending on our ecurrency levels., A few things need to be announced., I was unaware some support mails were not going to me., This issue has been fixed. I was also unaware that was not available in some areas and this has been resolved now too. The issue of some bad fake voters is still causing some trouble and this is from members who wanted to extort the free bonus after is was expired.

Now on to some very exciting news!!

My forex partner and I have created a second project. This was always in planning and is now ready to launch!!

Here are the details and I hope many people support this project like they have supported myself and this programme.

The programme is named

It is in beta release only to members first that way they can start on building thier downline. The plan is as follows: It is a 10 day term that will pay a variable rate from 11% daily to 15% daily this percentage includes your principle too and you can make a cashout daily too. The accepting payment processors are, and We will offer the recruiters 2% first level referral incentives and 2% second level incentives., Please I hope everyone will be excited and join up with us here too.

George Pszota

Nov-6-2009 04:30:15 AM
My Market Shares Update

Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 10:41 AM

Dear HyipSCOPE,

If your not in profit yet this is going to be some great news for you. After long and hard consideration,after seeing how many are in profit, my team and i have decided that we need to take some action.

Now before anyone gets too excited please read in full. In an attempt to help get members closer to profit if not already in profit we will implement a temporary rollover policy for all members in profit. What this means is that for the rest of November members in profit will be required to roll over all earnings and referral commissions. This action will have a 2 fold win win situation for everyone involved.

First and for most it will increase the roi for everyone. This will bring more members into profit and it will also extend the longevity of the program.

Second, Members who are in profit are not loosing out. What is happening is that they are building or growing their pips, so that when things do pick up again they will be able to once again make MORE profit as they have more pips working for them.

We will also be sticking to follow the 50 / 50 rule on all cash outs so this will also prevent from members draining the program trying to bail. We will check every cash out request and make sure that it is properly adhered to.

I know and realize that not everyone will be happy with this however it does seem to be a viable way to help get members where they are more comfortable again, and bring MyMarketShares back to being the best and most stable Rev share on the net.

MyMarketShares takes these steps to show and to prove that we are here for our members new and old and not just here to pay off our "promoters" while others get left behind.

My goal with this is to give everyone a chance to profit as soon as possible and to truly live up to our name MyMarketShares where everyone shares profits.

Again this is a temp adjustment that will only last expected 3 weeks, in which time i will be receiving more income form investments that should be able to bring our roi back up to alevel in which everyone will once again be happy.

As many members know and always are saying that other admins will say that things are great and wonderful then give a low roi and no explanation, then are gone. Here at MyMarketShares. I am doing the opposite. I am explaining the exact situation and where we are, as well as what WE as a team, meaning members and admin can do to improve the situation.

Please feel free to use our ticket system should you have any specific questions.

Margaret and Team

Nov-5-2009 03:05:24 AM
OneDailyPro Update

Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 5:01 PM

Hello Iskofer,

This is broadcast e-mail to all clients. We hope this e-mail finds you well, please, take a time to read:

- everything is working fine 30 days already. Our staff would like to thank all clients for support. We appreciate your support and Special offers are waiting for you in your account, please, take a time to check your account;

- two our interviews were published recently:;

- several new monitors were added;

- recent DDoS attack has been successfully mitigated;

- we plan to open account on Twitter;

- no changes in deposits plans or referral program in near future;

- we plan to extend our advertisement (if you have serious offers you can contact us);

- we not plan holidays;

That's all. Thank you for attention.

Best regards, Admin

Nov-4-2009 09:55:22 PM
My Market Shares Update

Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 11:50 AM

Dear HyipSCOPE,

This week we have hit an all time low in the ROI. Last week we were at a real ROI of only 4%. I announced that i had an investment that came in and it was added to the ROI boosting it up to 9%. This week there was very few new sales. and Real ROI was only 2.4% Again this week i had an investment payment so it was added and gave us 5%.

Things were going great until there was a server issue beyond my control. This seems to have started a domino effect. It seems that the members who were supportive of MyMarketShares seemed to have jumped ship. I will not point fingers to members for the reason roi has dropped. BUT i do want to point out that MyMarketShares is a Revenue Share program. We do not have a set minimum ROI each week and while i will do everything I can to increase the ROI, It is not a job for me alone.

I understand that members have concerns and I can see your point. We are now in a place in our history where we are at a cross roads. We have 2 choices that we can take both of which continue the program.

Choice 1 - We continue as is and we have a lower ROI and i dont go anywhere, members just have a little longer to earn but we are still here. I will remain as active as i have been sending out mails and updates and posting. Just understand that roi is lower and i am still here.

Choice 2 - We as members step up a little give back the faith that you had 3 weeks ago. Go back to posting when you get paid, letting others know that we are still here. Join on the forums in teh discussion of MMS, participate in the future of the site.

Either choice you make we are not going anywhere. We are at a point where you as a member do not want to support the site cause the ROI is lowered, but with out the support the roi will keep going lower. The best part of the situation is it does not take much to increase the roi.

We functioned as a team before and we can function as a team again. The choice is yours to make and I hope that you choose for choice 2. Lets keep MyMarketShares growing and expanding. Lets make MyMarketShares a site to last well into the new year.

Margaret and Team

Nov-4-2009 10:56:40 AM
WinningSurfTeam Update

Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 12:53 AM

Dear iskofer,

I feel like such a dork for this but I forgot to disable the Alertpay test upgrade mode.

Members who upgraded with Alertpay did not actually send funds to winningsurfteam's Alertpay account since it was still in Test mode.

Please log into your Winningsurfteam account and check your Upgrade History and your AP account and you will see that funds never left your AP account and was never sent to winningsurfteam AP account since it was still in test mode.

The easiest way to fix this is if you upgraded with Alertpay you will have to manually send the same amount you upgraded with in WinningSurfTeam to

I repeat, if you upgraded with Alertpay please manually send the same amount you upgraded with to

I have already disabled Alertpay's test mode so any Alertpay upgraded made from now on should transact properly.


Oct-27-2009 01:26:16 AM
iMoneyReserve Update

Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 10:44 AM

[*** Make sure you take a look at point (7) *** ]

Dear HyipSCOPE,

I hope this email finds you well and on your way to stable profits.
It's been a while ago that I did send out an email to all of you,
well - we have been busy working here at iMoneyReserve.

It's time to get you an update about what's going on and what kept us busy last week.

(1.) I did employ more trained staff
iMoneyReserve is now growing by around 50 new members/ day.
We almost crossed the $1,2Mio deposit line, and we processed over $130K in cash out requests.
More members, deposits and withdrawals need to be taken care off...

Our team is fully staffed since last week.
8 support people (working in shift) make sure, that your need is being taken care of in a fast and professional way.
iMoneyReserve keeps it's industry leading average response time to emails and support tickets of of around 1-4 hours.

(2.) SeekBad got professional help
As most of you know, we did develop a tool called seekBad, which detects suspicious member account activities in an almost fully automated way. Now, seekBad got it's daily 'helping hand'.
An additional analysis tool runs through the data produced by seekBad to help humans (well thats us) to identify fraudsters who open and operate more then 1 member acocunt.

We identify daily in average 2-3 new fraudsters. They try to open new accounts referring them self to gain extra referral commission.
That is considered as cheating on our whole community. We won't accept that anyone steals our members money.

Fraudsters member accounts are getting suspended. Initial money is returned minus a handling fee of 30%. Of course, no earnings / referral commissions or bonusses are being paid.
Zero Tolerance Policy.

(3.) Increased withdrawal ( cash out ) speed
A direct result of (1) and (2) is a faster speed in processing withdrawal requests. We still do guarantee a max. withdrawal processing time of less then 24 hours.
However, the average processing time could be decreased to around 5 min - 240 minutes.

iMoneyReserve is about to set new standards for that industry regarding withdrawal speed and stability of daily payments..
No one of our members will ever find us holding back your money.
You are allowed to request 5 times / day a withdrawal.

Our analysts maintain a daily constantly growing amount of liquidity to ensure your requests are being paid faster then anywhere else. There is actually no need to put your money into unstable, not paying programs.

I did read it somewhere in our main forums, the saying was: "Better invest in 1 good stable program than in 10 unstable scamming programs" - well I couldn't agree more. iMoneyReserve pays stable and fast up to 5 times a day, any amount of your wallet you request.

(4.) Investments higher then $6,000.00 USD
I keep getting a growing number of daily requests from members and observers, if there would be a chance to invest more then $6,000.00 / day, in order to maximize the absolute profit for the single individum.
The answer is 'No.'

All those smart ones of you who are thinking about, how to securely maximize your daily profits and to earn more then US$720/day will have to follow the max-out-strategy to gain these maximum profits. I am going to explain that strategy in
one of my next emails.

(5.) has been contracted
I am glad to let everyone know, that iMoneyReserve eventually contracted
I have just spoken to it's CEO, and he promised to have one of his excellent site reviews about us (iMoneyReserve) ready until the second half of that week.

Additionally we are being monitored by and starting a well designed advertisement campaign on site by today (Thuesday). is not only in my personal opinion one of the very few top sites, when it comes to honest and daily news publishing about what we all love most: making serious money. is sending out emails to a list of subscribers to get them informed on a weekly basis about what is Top or Flop in our industry. Thus, our presence will be seen by a couple of hundred well informed site visitors, who may like to get to know and to invest in ( sure they will :)

I am looking forward to a promising long term partnership with

(6.) Advertisement activities extended

iMoneyReserve has a well defined marketing strategy,
following the main principle of steady slow grow.
That is why we started out having almost no advertisement a couple of weeks ago.

Now we are on our way to become grown up. Thus, it is simply the right time
to extend our advertisement activities step by step.

Here is where you find our Advertisement, Banners etc.
At talkgold:
- sticky forum thread
- 728x90 banner multiple Adspots under first post of each site
- Top 468x60 banner multiple Adspots
- Side 120x120 banner non rotating top position
- Top Text multiple Adspots

talkgold admin placed iMoneyReserve on waiting list for
- 728x90 Top Banner nonrotating
- 120x60 Top Banner (upper right corner of tg forum)

- sticky forum thread
- Side 120x120 banner non rotating top position

At Hyipsensor:
-728x90 Top Banner Ad rotating
-468x60 Top Banner Ad non rotating
-120x120 Side Banner Ad non rotating

At (largest hyip forum in Spain - I love Spain):
-728x90 Top Banner Ad non rotating

At ( beginning during the day ):
-728x90 Top Banner in rotation multiple Adspots
-468x60 between news Banner in rotation multiple Adspots
-site review (end of this week)
-news couple of times a week

Additional Promotion will be set up at:
probably at DTM Forum

(6.) 20% Bonus ends on 31.10.2009 23:23:59
Our incredible 20% one-time-bonus is about to end.
How to still get your hands on that bonus?
Read the news on our page from 19-Oct-2009

(7.) *You got to see this* (it's quite impressive - just click the link)
---------------------------------------------------------------------- (mmg) (tg)

Last but not least - a nice screen shot found at mmg/tg forum
taken and posted by one of our members. Thank you Mary Anne!
Does anyone else have a nice screenshot to post as well?

Just do it. Yes, that's a call for action to all of you.
I am kinda sure, every one of you does like to see *our* thread
always on number *1* position at TG and MMG.
That ensures highest level of awareness and ongoing stable earnings for many months to come.

Well, that was it for today.
I wish you all another successful week with nice stable earnings here at

Kind regards,
Cassie Johnson

Members found operating multiple accounts will have all accounts suspended.
Zero Tolerance Policy

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LARIOX conditional payment
Nov-14-2009 >> read details
Nov-14-2009 05:38:33 AM
XOMFUND might be closing out
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132Ads Closed
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OctProfit Update
Wow! Amazing Stats!
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Pszota Update Newsletter
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My Market Shares Update
Very Important update
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OneDailyPro Update
Recent news
Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 5:01 PM >> read details
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My Market Shares Update
This weeks ROI. Please read
Thu, Nov 5, 2009 >> read details
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WinningSurfTeam Update
Attention AP upgraders
Thu, Nov 5, 2009 >> read details
Nov-4-2009 10:56:40 AM
iMoneyReserve Update
Cassie Johnson's - Thuesday email update for all members
Tue, Oct 27, 2009 >> read details
Oct-27-2009 01:26:16 AM
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