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Advertise Your Banner Here | $100/Week | Available Now! is a reliable investment monitoring services. Since 2007, we vigilantly provide updated and truthful program status reports in the hyip arena. has been reputed to be one of the fair and square monitors in the hyip industry, satisfactorily meeting the demands of site administrators and of the investor members as well.

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1   W Capital  
Lifetime:  1200 days  REPORT1
Plans: 5% Daily For 365 Days.
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Our Investment: $200.00
Received: $831.26
Last Paid: 2021-01-20
Withdrawal: Manual
AllStatus: ISP - HYIP's Technical Analysis AllHyipData
Min~Max: $10 to $50,000
Referral: 5%
Started: 2017-10-10
Monitored: 1200 days
Support: Support E-Mail
Forums: MGru | DTM | MGcom | CG | IT | TGF |
Site Preview  Full Details  Add to MyHYIPs Request 2288% RCB   ( $ 191.48 Total RCB amount paid by to referrals on W Capital )
   Latest Hyip News
Jan-15-2012 03:02:30 PM
You can find our program at the most popular monitors

I am very pleased to announce that our program has a great start.
We start promotion at the most popular monitors and you can find this information in our page “Monitors” or “Rate Us”. If you have questions you can ask our Live Support centre and our operators can answer to all your questions.
Stay with us and we can meet your expectations.

Best regards,
John Nevis
Jan-15-2012 02:53:52 PM
Fx Moguls Newsletter for 1-15-12

Dear FX Moguls Clients,

As FX Moguls dives into our second month I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a few updates on where we will be going from here. So please read the entire email in its entirety as it also includes a fun little contest at the end.

As many of you have noticed we have made the minimum deposit 1$ now. This was our plan all along and since we have added Alertpay as a deposit option this was the natural time for us to implement this feature. At our inception we wanted to make sure that everyone could afford to be a member of FX Moguls and could test our services, we are at the point now where we have established ourselves quite well and we felt that it was the right time for this move.

I’d also like to remind all members that we are still offering our deposit bonus of up to 11% for new deposits into the system. This is a bonus that is offered to us by our broker and we are going to continue to offer it to our members for as long as we have it available to us. You can get more information on the bonus structure and its features by visiting -

I’d also like to remind all members that does have its own forum. I’ll have to admit that the activity on our site forum has been slow. But we hope that it will pick up in the coming months. Please remember that when registering we do ask that you use the same username as you use for your members account.


As of this writing FX Moguls has 829 members, 511 of which are upgraded members who have made a deposit into our system. This is a great accomplishment and upon this thought we wish to launch a small testimonial contest.

We will choose 3 members weekly who have posted a testimonial about in one of our threads on either MMG, TalkGold or DTM and we will award each of the chosen members with a bonus $10 upgrade into the 2.4% daily plan.

When posting in one of our forums, please be sure to mention your username in your post so we know who to award the prize to. We will try this contest out for this week and if it goes well then we will extend it for another week.

Here is a list of the forum threads which are eligible for this contest:

This contest is only open to upgraded members who are not monitors.

As we always do we wish to thank you for your continued participation and support of FX Moguls LTD and we look greatly forward to what the coming months have in store for us and our members.


FX Moguls LTD Staff
Jan-15-2012 02:52:10 PM
Money Hysteria Newsletter

Dear our beloved member
Today we reach our 50 days online.
We will continue improve and develop our services, working hard and excel to make
sure and guarantee that our beloved member investments remain as stable as they
always were.

We are really thankful to every beloved member, who put and entrust their funds
with us, we will guarantee, there will be no regret for trusting your funds with
Within this letter, we will give a very happy news for our member.
1.We have changed and updated our site to be more interactive, user friendly and
a good looking one.
We work hard to put every our member on ease when they using and accessing
2.With connection the successful and rapid development our program and to care
for our investors, we have changed our old investment plans into the new one, all
updated plan is provided to show how much our care for our investor.
3.We have add more support system to provide qualitative communication to each of
our member.
For us a very qualitative communication , not only with our member, but also
every visitor of is a key to build trust.
We have provide phone, livechat and skype support, so everyone can put
their question regarding their problem or anything to us directly.
Indeed, a good relationship between us and our beloved member is needed to bring
and maintain better, that’s what we try to achieve in this near

Best Regards.
Jan-14-2012 05:35:26 PM
Important Notification from TopWallet - \"Fake Investment Plan To Avoid\"

We have been notified that someone on our behalf has sent a fake new VIP plan email. Even if it appears to be emailed from our address, please ignore it and never pay attention to such emails. All deposits are handled only within members area and we will never add any new investment plan. Moreover, in our official emails we will always address you by the first name.

Another thing, there are slightly delayed withdrawals as of now. We are going to solve this matter and process all pending withdrawal requests. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Please keep in mind - TopWallet isn't going anywhere and we are here to stay! Obviously, there are some jealous competitors who are trying to take us down but they will not succeed.

Have a blessed weekend!

TopWallet Administrator
Jan-12-2012 06:30:24 PM
SurfToTheFuture Loyalty Rewards Promo

I hope you are having great days and more great days ahead of you. Today, we launch an exciting promo for all our loyal members. A 2% rebate will be given to members who reupgrade at least $25 on any plan.

The rebate will be paid using the original payment processor used by the member when he reupgraded. I thought about what good promo to launch to keep things exciting and many things hit my head. First, referral contest, but that is quite boring and have been overused by many programs.

So, I thought about STTF Loyalty Promo. This will run up til the end of the month. All reupgrades of $25 + on any plan will get a 2% rebate, directly to their payment processor accounts and not on their STTF accounts.

Please remember that this is for REUPGRADES, meaning, only succeeding upgrades worth at least $25 will be rewarded with 2% rebate.

You must contact me after reupgrading in order for you to earn your loyalty rewards.

Thank you and have an exciting day.
John Wilson
Jan-12-2012 06:28:44 PM
AlertPay is being added to the system

We are happy to announce that starting from Tuesday, January the 17th, HYIP Innovation will be accepting deposits via AlertPay payment system. Those of you not yet familiar with this payment processor should visit their website at
We are currently in the process of updating and testing our website supporting software for the AlertPay processing functions and we estimate that we should be able to start accepting deposits via AlertPay this coming Tuesday.

On a separate matter, we would like to notify all of our members who have not made a deposit about our upcoming database clearance. It means that we will be removing the accounts without active deposits from the system. We need to do this due to the growing number of active members and in order to reduce our server load.
Consequently and in case if you decide to not make new deposits any time soon, please take a note that when you do decide to do so, you may have to create new account with us because your old account will be likely deleted from the system.


Sean Mebokan on behalf of
HYIP Innovation and Team

P.S. If you haven't seen it yet, please check out our program video presentation here:
Jan-12-2012 03:37:37 AM
HYIP Innovation - Two Months Online Celebration!

Dear HYIP Innovation members,

1. HYIP Innovation is two months young!
January 11th is our two months online celebration day!
I must say that while being able to get to this point in time was of course never a question from our perspective, but if it was not for YOUR trust and YOUR active participation in the program, we would have a lot harder times advancing. Today we are congratulating all of our participating members of whom very many are already well in profit and we are pledging our further financial commitment to continue serving our program users in the future.

2. The power of innovative affiliate program
We wanted to express our deepest appreciation of all the efforts shown this far by our current affiliate program partners. We are very happy to see that more and more website owners are choosing our program over the others and we are happy to report that your efforts are really worth it and that thousands of dollars have already been paid out in referral commissions.
In case some of you didn't yet noticed, HYIP Innovation is offering one of the most powerful affiliate programs this industry has to offer and I am inviting all of those not yet participating website owners to have a closer look at our commissions structure description. Not only are we offering conditionally increasing percentage on the first tier deposits, but chances are, you might as well earn a lot more from two more tiers deep. Once you join, please do not forget to send us your website link!

3. Program Payouts
As it was mentioned in one of our prior news releases some three weeks ago, we have been gradually incorporating our "two withdrawals maximum per day, per account" requirement where our website supporting software will not allow placing excessive withdrawal requests till each next day. This process is now almost complete with only about 10% of accounts still being left on the old payout schedule and which will be switched within the next few days.

Please enjoy one of the most reliable and stable programs around and High Innovative Five to all of you!

Sean Mebokan on behalf of
HYIP Innovation and Team

P.S. If you haven't seen it yet, please check out our program video presentation here:
Jan-11-2012 04:13:08 PM
FX Moguls Newsletter – Alertpay added!

We would like to first thank each of you who were kind enough to submit feedback and ideas on how we may improve The response was overwhelming.
What was even more overwhelming was the amount of members who requested us to add Alertpay as a payment option.

So, it is my pleasure to announce that we have added Alertpay as an option for deposit and withdrawal at We hope that this addition is well received and adds to your experience with FX Moguls LTD.


FX Moguls LTD.
Jan-10-2012 07:39:47 PM
Want to make an extra dollar?

Do you want to make an extra dollar ($1.00) ? If you are a member of ( ) you can make an extra buck if you just do this simple thing.

Sign up at Forum click this link to our topic on that forum

Create an account, post on our topic and you will receive a dollar from me. First 40 members to sign up will get their dollar via Liberty Reserve and Alertpay ($20 LR and $20 AP allocated for this) .

Because we aim to bring the surf industry back to the way it was years ago, I will be doing all I can to make sure this happens. This is one way to bring it back. I hope you can cooperate.

Those who are already forum members and are actively posting on the thread will get free 468x60 banner slot with 5000 banner impressions. First 10 current MMG members to send in their banner codes will get the slots.

To claim your reward, please use the Contact link on the site.

Thank you!
John Wilson
Jan-10-2012 07:30:07 PM

We highly recommend you to download and read LA Weekly News in PDF format

LA Weekly is online newspaper that published every Tuesdays and created by Luxor Alliance Group to keep you up to date with our work. We'd like to share with you challenges that we face, questions people ask us etc. This is the first issue that include six main themes which you can see at the left column.

Luxor Alliance Technical Characteristics

Everyone knows that Time is Money. That's why LA develops the easiest way to use features. To save time for our investors and create opportunity to make more money. Basic overview, accessibility, Font Size/Spacing is easy to read, main navigation is simple identifiable, unique and consistent content which is easy to skim through.

Why GoldCoders script?

By analyzing scripts which are used on different investment programs we have chosen well-known one by goldcoders. It is easy to use for every investor no matter if you're new to industry or already experienced. Our programmers completed this script with modifications by improving security, safety and usability. So it’s custom goldcoders script.

Why Comodo?

Comodo is a leading brand in online security and the world's largest provider of business-validated SSL Certificates. Comodo secures and authenticates online communications for over 200,000 business customers worldwide and protects more than 25,000,000 global users of its award-winning desktop security solutions.

Luxor Alliance has ID Authority which is a certification based trusted third party operated by Comodo. The ID Authority is a central repository of website identities and the credentials of the entities behind the website.

LA Promotion
Advertisement on Monitors/Blogs

This is a first week since we introduced Luxor Alliance to our online investors. Now is a time to order advertisement from the most progressive monitors, bloggers and make promotion in social media. We are not going to buy useless ADS unlike others do, since we are taking care of every 1 cent of our and especially our investor's money. We don't want to waste funds for services that don't properly work.

First monitor/blog we found to be interesting and professional is (MNO). The Admin of MNO is Paul who reviewed Luxor Alliance. We want to thank him for this great opportunity to participate in advanced community. He seems to be a polite, intelligent man with good skills of eloquence. We decided to try MNO with a standard listing which coast $600 ($400 fee, $200 - re-invested in our program).

The reviewer of MNO probably has a different understanding and idea of who we really are. He is right, that registering company in UK is not so complicated and you can even register your own company online. But in fact, you may face with many difficulties by providing real company papers, identities documents, bills etc. Let's face the fact that our company was founded in 23rd Feb 2009 and we have got enough experience to manage finance activities properly with a high level of potential growth.

Another review has been written by Admin. We really appreciate his clear review with different examples. We hope it will give people better idea about investment.

We chose the most progressive, resultative and exclusive monitors where you can check our real program status:,,,,,,,,, and others.

Social Media Promotion

As you can see we have Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot pages which allow us to extend communication with you. Currently, our facebook page has nearly 1000 likes and 700 are talking about LA. You can also join them.

LA Features

LA staff uses high-level of security to ensure full safety of the system. We use licensed script by Goldcoders with modifications by our team. Also used on LA trusted Comodo Premium SSL which is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a commonly-used protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the Internet. LA hosted on dedicated server by Koddos and DDoS protected with a high-experienced LA staff combined with Koddos team. Also, we use firewall, web filter by Barracuda and Acunetix advanced software. All investors have strong account security and monitoring 24/7. Our server has auto-backup system of all information. 


We offer multi-language online support 24/7 for our investors. Our staff speaks english, spanish, german, italian, russian and mandarin.

Another way to contact us is support form. We will reply you within 24 hours.

You can read our short news at facebook, twitter and blogspot.

Our phone support and fax available on business hours from 9AM to 5PM (GMT).

LA Statistic
Current Statistic

We don't want to show you crazy amounts, fake statistic with hilarious numbers like others do. Just reality and facts.

The most asked questions of the week:

Do you pay on weekends and holidays?
We pay 7 days/week without exceptions.

Are you payments automatic?
All withdrawal requests we do process manually for security measures.
Funds are usually available within 24 hours. If you don't receive your withdrawn funds please contact us and we will solve your problem promptly.

Can I deposit using PerfectMoney or LibertyReserve and withdraw using Bank Wire?
You can withdraw/deposit with Western Union or bank wire. In these cases fee for transfer will be applied. LA takes 4% fee to withdraw funds + bank fee.

Can I have several accounts?
According to our rules you are not allowed to use same computer to abuse our referral system. We will take penalty for such actions and next time your account will be suspended.

Is your company real?
We are real and registered company. Follow this link to search information about our company (Company Registered no. OC343540).

Who manages the funds?
Our staff is one of our biggest assets. Every employee of the company is dedicated to satisfying your needs by providing excellent expertise, available to you at any given moment. Every employee at Luxor Alliance is dedicated, capable and determined to provide you with the best service possible.

Our investment management agency specializes in providing loans in exchange for collateral (generally, homes, cars, jewelry, etc.). Some of our most frequent clients are casinos and booker's offices. Because we offer loans to our clients at a high interest rate, we are able to offer higher return to our investors. By circulating our investor's capital, we achieve the desired financial goals. Stability of our services is enhanced by close cooperation with loan management agencies, leading law firms, employment agencies, realtor groups and reselling companies. Solid partnerships with reliable companies all over the world help us provide our investors with reasonable solutions for payments and legal securities.

What is transaction code?
Transaction code is your second password to withdraw your funds.

Do you offer compounding?
We do not use compounding as it creates unnecessary stress on a program.

We're looking forward to face challenges and joys of the next week.To sum everything up that has been a great week.
Thank you for being our loyal members and walking this road to success together with us.


Luxor Alliance Team
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Date: Jan 20th + $1.10 
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 OKHOUR.COM + $5.00 
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 DollarBill + $1.05 
Date: Jan 18th  
 Funds Broker + $1.05 
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Thank you for putting in the extra effort during this busy time at work.
Honest in paying
Sent Jan. 20 08:21 AM TO 47makjioepwq77cgYUBDBGDhfdXXXXXX AGA RESERVE TRULY PAYING $ 5020.17 Transaction Confirmed @ From: My Bitcoin Wallet
OKHOUR.COM pays instant. 01.21.21 09:32 Account Receive +1.25 Received Payment 1.25 USD from account U15091630 to account U7664***. Batch: 363008287. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Basketball from
Sent Jan. 19 @ 09:49 AM To: 21gvhnqresdc77cgYUGFDBGDtrfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from Degeninv $ 7813.17 Transaction Confirmed
Sent Jan. 19 @ 08:49 AM To: 12wcgfvhyujm77cgYUGFDBGDtrfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from Degeninv $ 7806.17 Transaction Confirmed
Sent Jan. 19 08:31 AM TO 71gbioplgkjn77cgYUBDBGDhfdXXXXXX AGA RESERVE TRULY PAYING $ 2024.12 Transaction Confirmed @ From: My Bitcoin Wallet
Sent Jan. 19 @ 07:33 AM To: 54jqiopdfewv77cgYUBDBGDhfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet FERMIONI $ 788.18 Transaction Confirmed
OKHOUR.COM pays instant. 01.20.21 05:50 Account Receive +4.37 Received Payment 4.37 USD from account U15091630 to account U7664***. Batch: 362732959. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Basketball from
19.01.21 17:22 Received Payment 7.8 USD from account U15091630 to account U5077677. Batch: 362654750. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to edpr2140 from
Its amazing how you always help new employees get up to speed.
Sent Jan. 18 @ 04:49 PM To: 85kopgjfnvjh77cgYUGFDBGDtrfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from Degeninv $ 20800.18 Transaction Confirmed
Sent Jan. 18 @ 03:33 PM To: 78mopjklgfru77cgYUBDBGDhfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet FERMIONI $ 9450.15 Transaction Confirmed
Sent Jan. 18 @ 03:49 PM To: 51molajbcfrf77cgYUGFDBGDtrfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from Degeninv $ 5375.18 Transaction Confirmed
Sent Jan. 18 03:31 PM TO 37niuthglsoe77cgYUBDBGDhfdXXXXXX AGA RESERVE TRULY PAYING $ 5200.19 Transaction Confirmed @ From: My Bitcoin Wallet
Latest Hyip News
You can find our program at the most popular monitors
EasyForexInvestment Newsletter >> read details
Jan-15-2012 03:02:30 PM
Fx Moguls Newsletter for 1-15-12
FX Moguls Newsletter >> read details
Jan-15-2012 02:53:52 PM
Money Hysteria Newsletter
Money Hysteria Newsletter >> read details
Jan-15-2012 02:52:10 PM
Important Notification from TopWallet - \"Fake Investment Plan To Avoid\"
TopWallet Newsletter >> read details
Jan-14-2012 05:35:26 PM
SurfToTheFuture Loyalty Rewards Promo
SurfToTheFuture Newsletter >> read details
Jan-12-2012 06:30:24 PM
AlertPay is being added to the system
HYIP Innovation News >> read details
Jan-12-2012 06:28:44 PM
HYIP Innovation - Two Months Online Celebration!
HYIP Innovation News >> read details
Jan-12-2012 03:37:37 AM
FX Moguls Newsletter – Alertpay added!
FX Moguls Newsletter >> read details
Jan-11-2012 04:13:08 PM
Want to make an extra dollar?
Surf To The Future News >> read details
Jan-10-2012 07:39:47 PM
LUXOR ALLIANCE Newsletter >> read details
Jan-10-2012 07:30:07 PM
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