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Advertise Your Banner Here | $100/Week | Available Now! is a reliable investment monitoring services. Since 2007, we vigilantly provide updated and truthful program status reports in the hyip arena. has been reputed to be one of the fair and square monitors in the hyip industry, satisfactorily meeting the demands of site administrators and of the investor members as well.

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1   W Capital  
Lifetime:  1197 days  REPORT1
Plans: 5% Daily For 365 Days.
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Our Investment: $200.00
Received: $830.06
Last Paid: 2021-01-17
Withdrawal: Manual
AllStatus: ISP - HYIP's Technical Analysis AllHyipData
Min~Max: $10 to $50,000
Referral: 5%
Started: 2017-10-10
Monitored: 1197 days
Support: Support E-Mail
Forums: MGru | DTM | MGcom | CG | IT | TGF |
Site Preview  Full Details  Add to MyHYIPs Request 2288% RCB   ( $ 191.48 Total RCB amount paid by to referrals on W Capital )
   Latest Hyip News
Mar-11-2013 02:30:46 AM
National Heroes and Benefactors Day in Belize

Tomorrow, Monday, March 11, Belize celebrates National Heroes and Benefactors Day! Based on our Terms of Services, on March 11, the Pure Income stock exchange operates in a day off regime. Shares grow and dividends accrue on bonds as stated at the weekend conditions.

Jerome Loster
Pure Income Team
Mar-10-2013 10:47:08 AM
BlueFXstorm - Message from Admin Tessa!

Dear HyipSCOPE,

First of all, I would like to officially welcome you to our project BlueFXstorm. We want to let you know that you just signed up to be included in the next "big" thing and one of the first investors you will surely see your money doubling or tripling in the coming weeks.

Anyways, I think it's time I introduce you to our team. My name is Tessa Anais, born in Jacksonville, Florida, and I am the main administrator of this project. Currently, we are a very small but efficient team of three: Tessa (Admin, support & advertising), Luke (technical & security), Omar (support & advertising). Any questions you can contact us through the site or email us at or

UPDATE: We just added a new monitoring / rating page for those of you who requested it. You can check out the page at

So what can you expect to see in the coming weeks?

- We plan to add Egopay soon in a couple of days. We intentionally postponed this payment processor till the project took off.

- More awareness of the project. I know a lot of you have been saying, why are we "hiding" as in, why are we not creating much of a buzz in the forums and monitors. Well, once again we want to take things slow and grow eventually in time.

- More monitors are joining soon. Currently, we have 18 monitors watching our project and growing everyday.

- BlueFXstorm will connect to Facebook and Twitter.

- Starting our gradual promotion campaign in monitors and blogs.

For those still in doubt about BlueFXstorm, there are very few projects who can deliver such profits to you in such a short time. BlueFXstorm is here to make this possible and change this industry in a good way.

Yours sincerely,
Admin Tessa Anais

BlueFXstorm Inc. - Taking the world by storm!
Mar-9-2013 08:10:56 PM
SphereINV Newsletter

We have completed our transition to BlockDOS protection. With our growing popularity, BlockDOS will be able to handle anything that is thrown at our website.

Also our first cycle of investors have completed, congratulations to all of you.

Enjoy your weekend!
Mar-8-2013 06:14:49 PM
[Marketing department #HST-298-52976]: news on the project

"We have just launched localized site for Spanish, Russian, French, Polish, Portuguese and German language! The project is translated into 12 languages."

Best regards
Mar-8-2013 04:16:01 AM
Weekly newsletter #2

Dear HyipSCOPE

We would like to thank you that you are together with us and hope we will have successful relationship also in further future because being with us is the opportunity of lifetime.

Main information:

While our trading team is really busy this week in Asia stock market our tech team was working whole week to fix several bugs what came visible during previous and this week, they also added some security features to make our online investment platform even stronger then ever before. But of course it was not just about security. There is some features what actually is visible also for you, for example, one really small feature was missing from the start and many users asked for it and now it is available - you can see who is your up-link in "REFERRAL PROGRAM" page. We are working hard to add one big feature what users are asking almost every day - witch one? You will find out about it in next newsletter, because we are still testing it and we want to make easy to use like all other features what we already have, people who are investing with us say that it is pleasure for them to use our website because they do not need to click and seek where necessary feature is, everything is simply and just few clicks away. And of course all of this because we do not want to stay just on the top, we want to grow even more.

In short:

Last week we experienced significant increase of both new members and deposits. This week was way more successful then our analysts expected, it just show us that it was right choice for us to make also online investment platform for investors worldwide. We hit 600 members right now when we are sending out our weekly newsletter. We are happy about that we added social integration for user registration and logging in - users are using it way more then we expected. From the start users wasn't that active to use it, but now every second member is making registration through this feature. We were first one who included this feature in market and we see that it pays back more then any one ever imagined.

We would like also to point out that last week we hired some new personnel especially for our online investment platform what will increase speed of payment processing.

Market information:

By surprise start of this trading week brought some fresh blood and increase of all indexes not only in Asia, but also in US stock market, so we are gaining good profit form trading form those assets what is left in US stock market and of course Asia is is in profit as usual. In time like this when economy is unstable you are the one who choose to invest with us because we are guaranteed formula for wealth.

Other information:

We would like to point out one more time that we are active in social media and you can ask questions over there:
Facebook –
Twitter –

In end of our newsletter we would like to thank everyone who is writing interviews and reviews about our online investment program. This time we will give everyone chance to read this one:

Hope for everyone this week did amazing and we wish everyone pleasant weekend and successful next week as usual.

Swiss Invest Fund team
Mar-7-2013 07:05:32 PM
SphereINV welcomes BlockDOS

We are moving to BlockDOS shortly. The site may need some time to propagate in your area. We were subjected to a large scale attack today. This is a side effect of growing popularity. Thank you for being a member of SphereINV.
Mar-7-2013 08:33:29 AM - Short Update

Few members had problems with receiving email from us or they received it on spam folder. We have finally fixed our problem with mailserver, now all should be Okay.

Representative page is updated as well. Please note, that no more representatives will be added. We are receiving too many requests. Soon there will be a special form for this and we will start accepting again.

Video Newsletters will be published ones in a month. Next Video Newsletter will be uploaded after 7-12 days.

Please report if you have received this email in SPAM folder.

Best Regards
Mar-7-2013 07:23:50 AM
New payment system announcement - SolidTrustPay

As promised on last newsletter, today we have complete implementing a new payment method - SolidTrustPay. You may now deposit into our program using STP payment processor.

This payment system offers direct fundings by bank wire, credit card funding and through verified exchanger site.

Best regards
Pacific Invest management.
Mar-7-2013 02:13:41 AM
SphereINV EgoPay Technical Glitch

Thank you for your understanding in the time it took us to repair a slight technical glitch with EgoPay deposits. All users should have no further issue regarding any EgoPay deposits and should be able to deposit as normal for EgoPay and all other e-currencies.

The SphereINV Team
Mar-7-2013 12:29:31 AM
Bank Wire & New Design Addition Update!!!

Dear HRS Family,

Within the next 24 – 48 hours, we will be launching our brand new beautiful HourlyRevShare™ website. Everyone involved in its creation are incredibly excited and busting with anticipation of bringing it to you. Moni and I, our designers, coders and programmers have been working around the clock to have it ready to launch and we are just about there!

There will be a short down-time as we integrate the new platform and script, I anticipate 15-20 minutes maximum, during which time we will have the maintenance page up. We will warn you ahead of time that this is about to happen, via the Skype rooms and on Facebook.

After that, access will be restored and business will carry on as usual.

With the launch of our new site we are delighted to announce the launch of our Bank Wire Service. We have partnered with who will provide us with bank wire services. STP users who do not yet have an STP may be encouraged to apply, as this will allow you to access a free LoyalBank account.

Minimum inbound transaction is USD 3000, maximum inbound transaction is USD15000; however more may be funded through multiple transactions. Members may enquire after banking details, as we will not be publishing account details on the site for security reasons. Once a bank wire transaction has been initiated, a scanned copy of the receipt / details may be emailed to us at and we will credit your Ad Packs purchase to your account without delay, so that you are not disadvantaged by the timeframe for clearance.

The minimum for withdrawal by wire will be USD1500, for which the time frame will be 3-5 business days. Withdrawal requests will be processed the same day, meaning 3-4 days remaining until the funds reach your bank.

On Tuesday this week, an error developed on our server that slowed functionality on the site, and also impacted payouts, as our server had to be restarted. This error has now been fixed. Our current script is almost ready to be retired, as we introduce our new powerful custom script with the launch of the new site. Until such time as that is in place, there may be periods of slow response times from the server, so please bear with us for the time being, until we launch.
We’re doing our level best to provide good service to our members, despite some challenges along the way. Our traffic is increasing by the day, and our server needs are being regularly assessed as we grow. It’s our aim to stay ahead of this growth and ensure that slowness and downtimes are virtually non-existent going forward. Please, we appreciate your patience as we move through this high growth phase.

Over the next 24 – 48 hours, we will be introducing a new Identity PIN system for withdrawals and PIF (Upgrade Referral) transactions, site password changes, pay processor account changes and email address changes. Every member will be required to set their own 4 digit Identity PIN, which you will need to keep safe, away from your computer, preferably memorized. This Identity PIN will be registered against your Profile, and will not be retrievable via the site. If you forget or lose your PIN, you will need to contact either Moni or myself, and be prepared to answer some security questions before being given the PIN code.

Demand for support assistance continues to run high, with many members still submitting more than one request for help with the same issue. PLEASE, if you have an issue that needs admin assistance, it would help a great deal if the following protocol is adhered to:

1 (ONE) contact, either email, contact form or Skype PM per issue per member, please.
1. Missing Ad packs or Missing Funding
The only acceptable channel to direct these queries is the “Report Missing Shares” link at the bottom of the Member Information panel in your dashboard. These form submissions go directly to Analie and her support staff for speedy attention. By speedy attention, we mean a 24 hour resolution target, which we do our best to meet.

2. Missing Referral / Missing Sponsor
The fastest method of having this resolved is to PM Moni on Skype @ hrs_member_services. Please take the time to read what is in the FAQ regarding commissions on purchases made by misplaced referrals.

3. Payment processor ID changes is our dedicated email account, purely for Payment Processor account details corrections.
Please note that there is a 24 hour turnaround target for these issues. Currently we are not meeting this target, so Connie’s focus for the immediate future is to catch up and resolve as many of these issues as possible, so that we can meet the 24 hour turnaround target. Some updates require input from both myself and either Connie or Moni, so please be patient and allow us to process this in the earliest timeframe possible. Please note that we will not payout to a pay processor account that not is the same as the funding account. If this is a requirement, there will be stringent verification checks to be completed before any changes are made.

Repeating this for the benefit of those members who missed the last newsletter where this was explained. Please ensure your referrals understand this process.

Every day we receive Skype PMs, support tickets and emails regarding “lost” withdrawals. I’d like to take a few minutes to clear up some of the confusion surrounding withdrawal requests that are rejected by the Pay Processors for several reasons.

When a withdrawal is refunded, i.e. returned / rejected, it is usually due to one of three reasons:

1. Cashout Processor Account ID or username is incorrect in your profile.
Please make sure to enter the correct details when setting up your Cashout Processor accounts. Please also guide your new referrals at sign up time, to enter the correct details in their registration form.

2. Payment processor is slow or down
Sometimes there is data loss between our server and that of a pay processor.

3. Automation failure
When the script on the Pay Processor end fails or glitches.

4. Withdrawal Limit Exceeded for 24 hour period
Effective immediately, each member may request 1 Rebates withdrawal and 1 Commission withdrawal per payment processor per day. Requests exceeding this limit will be rejected by the system.

In each of these scenarios, the script will refund payout requests by itself, without any human intervention. If you are one of those members who have had a withdrawal refunded, please understand, it is the system which is designed with extra security, to prevent loss due to funds being paid out to unauthorized parties or simply vanishing into thin air. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but it is surely better to have funds returned than for them to simply disappear without a trace.

Every payout batch returns a few isolated refunded withdrawals. Analie vets and manually returns each individual refunded payout to the Rebates account for the Pay Processor concerned. This is a manual adjustment of the figure in the Rebates wallet, adding the returned net funds back, regardless whether the funds were originally withdrawn from commissions or rebates. A returned commission will be returned 100% to the Rebates wallet, and a refunded rebates withdrawal will be returned 70%, as the 30% repurchasing is already in the repurchasing wallet. This process does NOT generate a system transaction record, but you will see an increase in the amount of funds in the Rebates wallet.

***CLARIFICATION - The purpose of limiting the frequency of withdrawals is not for stability reasons. I am not machine, I am human…. I cannot spend every waking hour processing payouts. There is a critical need to focus on the development of the company to manage our rapid growth, and by carefully managing the payout process, I will be able to redirect my focus where it is needed most, and that is on infrastructure and external revenue. By co-ordinating payouts more efficiently, I can redistribute the workload and free up time to deal with stuff that only I can action. Please note: The limitation applies only to FREQUENCY of withdrawals, not the AMOUNT that can be withdrawn. There are no restrictions on how much you can withdraw at any time, other than your own cash balances.

There are quite a lot of poorly loaded banners in the rotator, which doesn’t look good. Please take the time to check on your banners, to make sure they are displaying properly and are not showing broken banner URLs. There is no need to delete malfunctioning banners, simply edit your listing and correct whatever the problem is, to ensure proper display.

Analie Steinway
Skype: hrs_member_services
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 W Capital Elite Sticky Listing + $1.20 
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 BitWealth Company + $1.20 
Date: Jan 17th  
 Quantum A.I Trade + $1.20 
Date: Jan 17th  
 AGA RESERVE + $1.10 
Date: Jan 17th  
 FOBS PAYMENT + $1.10 
Date: Jan 17th  
Latest Votes
19.01.21 17:22 Received Payment 7.8 USD from account U15091630 to account U5077677. Batch: 362654750. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to edpr2140 from
Its amazing how you always help new employees get up to speed.
Sent Jan. 18 @ 04:49 PM To: 85kopgjfnvjh77cgYUGFDBGDtrfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from Degeninv $ 20800.18 Transaction Confirmed
Sent Jan. 18 @ 03:33 PM To: 78mopjklgfru77cgYUBDBGDhfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet FERMIONI $ 9450.15 Transaction Confirmed
Sent Jan. 18 @ 03:49 PM To: 51molajbcfrf77cgYUGFDBGDtrfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from Degeninv $ 5375.18 Transaction Confirmed
Sent Jan. 18 03:31 PM TO 37niuthglsoe77cgYUBDBGDhfdXXXXXX AGA RESERVE TRULY PAYING $ 5200.19 Transaction Confirmed @ From: My Bitcoin Wallet
Sent Jan. 17 @ 02:59 PM To: 91pmnkjhbgdf77cgYUGFDBGDtrfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from Degeninv $ 202.17 Transaction Confirmed
Sent Jan. 18 @ 02:43 PM To: 51hnbgujmdks77cgYUBDBGDhfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet FERMIONI $ 606.18 Transaction Confirmed
Sent Jan. 18 02:31 PM TO 46klorfgdwsv77cgYUBDBGDhfdXXXXXX AGA RESERVE TRULY PAYING $ 660.17 Transaction Confirmed @ From: My Bitcoin Wallet
Sent Jan. 18 @ 02:22 PM To: 17opiljlhgdr77cgYUBDhedDhfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet PAYOUTS FROM FOBSPAYMENT.COM $600.16 Transaction Confirmed
OKHOUR.COM pays instant. 01.19.21 05:14 Account Receive +3.75 Received Payment 3.75 USD from account U15091630 to account U7664***. Batch: 362500808. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Basketball from
Wow wow program ever!
Unique concept with great ideas.
Sent Jan. 17 @ 10:22 AM To: 93gbmjutedrg77cgYUBDhedDhfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet PAYOUTS FROM FOBSPAYMENT.COM $112.16 Transaction Confirmed
Sent Jan. 17 @ 09:59 AM To: 94naavigyhjl77cgYUGFDBGDtrfdXXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from Degeninv $ 210008.19 Transaction Confirmed
Latest Hyip News
National Heroes and Benefactors Day in Belize
Pure Income Newsletter >> read details
Mar-11-2013 02:30:46 AM
BlueFXstorm - Message from Admin Tessa!
BlueFXstorm Newsletter >> read details
Mar-10-2013 10:47:08 AM
SphereINV Newsletter
SphereINV Newsletter >> read details
Mar-9-2013 08:10:56 PM
[Marketing department #HST-298-52976]: news on the project
Ad-solid Newsletter >> read details
Mar-8-2013 06:14:49 PM
Weekly newsletter #2
Swiss Invest Fund Newsletter >> read details
Mar-8-2013 04:16:01 AM
SphereINV welcomes BlockDOS
SphereINV Newsletter >> read details
Mar-7-2013 07:05:32 PM - Short Update
MajestiCrown Newsletter >> read details
Mar-7-2013 08:33:29 AM
New payment system announcement - SolidTrustPay
Pacific Invest management Newsletter >> read details
Mar-7-2013 07:23:50 AM
SphereINV EgoPay Technical Glitch
SphereINV Newsletter >> read details
Mar-7-2013 02:13:41 AM
Bank Wire & New Design Addition Update!!!
HourlyRevShare Newsletter >> read details
Mar-7-2013 12:29:31 AM
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