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Advertise Your Banner Here | $100/Week | Available Now! is a reliable investment monitoring services. Since 2007, we vigilantly provide updated and truthful program status reports in the hyip arena. has been reputed to be one of the fair and square monitors in the hyip industry, satisfactorily meeting the demands of site administrators and of the investor members as well.

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Plans: 3.50% DAILY FOR 45 CAL DAYS, 1.70% DAILY FOR 30 DAYS, 172.00% FOR 38 CAL DAYS
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Our Investment: $500.00
Received: $1174.97
Last Paid: 2020-03-30
Withdrawal: Manual
AllStatus: ISP - HYIP's Technical Analysis AllHyipData
Min~Max: $10 to $100,000
Referral: 3% - 1% - 1%
Started: 2017-01-16
Monitored: 38 days
Support: Support E-Mail Support Form
Forums: AM | DTM | MGcom | CG | IT | |
Site Latest News: 2020-03-28 Addressing Confirmation Requirements and Fluctuation in Values
Site Preview  Full Details  Add to MyHYIPs Request 1822% RCB   ( $ 504.88 Total RCB amount paid by to referrals on Kirkland & Felt )
   Latest Hyip News
May-21-2013 08:40:21 PM
A warm welcome to our new investors and some news

Hello HyipSCOPE,

Over the past hours, we couldn't help but notice the growth that Ronwards has achieved. We believe that this is the result of our continue effort to provide you the most convenient and hassle free investment experience that no other company can provide you, aside from Ron Howards Investment Group.

This is a group effort made possible by our loyal and supportive investors like you. Ronwards track record has also enabled us to receive some great reviews from popular blogs like Money News Online , check this link to read that amazing review by Paul Abramson of MNO just scroll down a little bit down to read what he had to say about our program.

Another news today is that, you will find on our webpages an widget to show you the traffic rank and stats based on the Alexa Traffic Rank system. The informative banner is located right below the Facebook Like box, right before the footer section of each page. We hope that you find this useful and find the information a good way to to know that Ronwards is becoming more and more popular in this industry.

On the Facebook side of things, I have assigned Nigel Spear to be the spam killer in our Official Facebook group. Because of the traffic we receive and the popularity of , we have been bombarded by SPAMMERS on our official group and as you know I am quite busy with the financial aspect of the site and therefore the situation called for a decision that I must hire someone to work as a spam killer on our FB group and there he is. Expect a cleaner FB Group from today ronwards.

Thank you for staying with us, your support is helping us achieve greater heights and work harder each and every day. We are beating the records with Ronwards and stay with us for a profitable year to come.

Ron Howards & Company
May-21-2013 12:21:21 AM DDoS Attack has been mitigated by our Technical Team and Hosting Partner

Hello Everyone,
If you tried to access in the past several hours you might have had timeout issues or unable to access the site at all.

Thanks to our partner and our own dedicated tech team we have managed to get back online faster than if we had hosted with many of the other popular High Risk Hosting providers.

Further attacks are possible but you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and resources to deal with such things.

1st order of business was to process the failed withdrawal attempts. All Withdrawals are now instant as long as the site is not under attack. If you can log in with no problem then you can withdraw instantly. That has not changed.

Next task is to sort through support tickets. If you have sent one please do not send another as this will slow the process for all.

Please remember to show your support SloansLoans on Monitors, Forums and Facebook.

Thank You,
Steve Parks, Sloan Williams and the rest of the team
May-20-2013 07:39:35 PM
Cavaxo Limited Facebook Page

Welcome to all our members during our launch!

Please tune into our Facebook page for any and all official news as well as communicating with other members here:

Thank You,
Cavaxo Limited
May-20-2013 07:38:52 PM
Launching of

We are very glad to inform that we have launch our very valuable and reliable program of We are very thankfull to all of you to support us.
Our investment plans are as folows. All of you can invest freely.

1. 2% daily for 100 days Principal Return. Min Deposit 10$
2. 5% hourly for 22 Hours. Min deposit 20$
3 8% daily for 14 Days. Min deposit 10$
4 9% daily for 14 Days.
5 10% daily for 14 Days.
6 11% daily for 14 Days.
7 12% daily for 14 Days.

May-20-2013 07:29:45 AM
We are celebrating 100 Days online!

Hello, HyipSCOPE!

With the great support of all the members of our company we are celebrating 100 Days online.
We thank to our investors and promoters for trusting us.

You will find, that many well-known monitoring services have already put our project in the top position of their website and these are all authentic.
Only excellent project they recommend will be placed in a good position.

And the main, in order to celebrate this achievement, we will offer a high interest for 3 days (21-23th May).

Best regards!
Malaysian INC team
May-19-2013 11:01:32 PM
25 Weeks Online. Aftermath.

Dear investors,
It has been over 25 days by now that we have launched our website and started building our business relationship with you all. We appreciate your support and contribution that you give us every single day and we, in our turn, strive to meet your expectations as for the quality of investment experience. Together we have a bright future and soon enough you will find out how financial freedom actually feels like.

We will continue our hard work and will keep our efforts up in order to succeed in our difficult, but necessary mission is to satisfy our customers and build a strong and stable business. We have great plans for the future, such as a few developments we are going to make to our website, so stay tuned and keep enjoying your profits earned at AG FENIX.

We love you all and we are building your future.

Always yours,
The AG Fenix Company Management.
May-18-2013 08:29:33 PM
A Great \"Working Weekend\" For

Hello HyipSCOPE

Ron Howards Investment Group wants you to have a great weekend with your family, so here we are with a "working weekend" . To extend our service to our loyal investors, we are going to be working full time this weekend. We have just prepared ourselves for this great weekend by re-organizing our ticketing system. The form where you send your inquiries stays the same but the way we receive tickets on our backend is much more organized so please resend your inquiries or questions if your ticket has not been answered by our support division.

We also want to thank everyone to continuously supporting . Here are the links to our forums:

If you do not have an account on those forums yet, please create one and start posting your payment proofs there. Your effort in promoting is our energy booster. We love reading comments from our investors so feel free to post what you think about on all these mediums.

Here is another place where you can share your payment proofs and comments, our facebook group:

Join and interact with your fellow members at

Start liking our website using your facebook profile by checking out the Facebook Likes section on our website. It is located in the lower portion of each page, near the footer.

Thank you for supporting . Expect us to work harder as we move along, and we are almost beating the 2nd month or 60 days of being online and paying smoothly.

Ron Howards
May-18-2013 04:50:55 AM
Sloans Loans - 1st Cycle completed, NEW Regional Representatives Program

Hello Everyone.

I would like to start by thanking everyone for their continued trust and support.
Apparently everyone really loves our INSTANT Withdrawals and Great support.
So much so that we have had numerous inquires about a Regional Regional Representatives program.

So now that we have completed our 1st Cycle, paying all investors to all processors INSTANTLY without exception we are launching our much anticipated Regional Representatives program.

This is the 1st new feature of many we have planned for the coming months. The information below has just been added to

NEW Regional Representatives program
Each day our popularity grows as people visit from all over the world. We would like to help everyone feel confident in their decision to invest with us so we have created a Region specific Representative Program.
Feel free to contact a Representative in your country so you can communicate in your native language. Each Rep proven to us to posses the skills and knowledge about SloansLoans to assist you in many ways.

Our Representatives are not paid a salary. The only compensation they receive is the commission from your deposit after registering from their link plus being eligible for contest prize determined by monthly deposit amount. So if you utilize their service please use their link also.

Are you interested in becoming a Regional Representative for Sloans loans?
If so please send an email to and a Team Leader will get back to you.

Best Regards,
Sloan Williams
May-17-2013 07:31:05 PM
Recorded webinar added

We have added on our site the recorded first webinar and we will add also other FAQ videos that Julie (our Head of support) has been made. Hope you will like them :) Here is the link to videos page from our site:

Please enjoy them!

May-16-2013 10:01:36 PM
Gold Alliance Fund Newsletter

Dear Gold Alliance Fund Members,

First of all, we want to thank every single one of our members for the phenomenal response we received since the launch of our online platform. With your help we have met or exceeded all of the goals we had set for our first week in only 5 days! A sincere thank you from all of us here at GAF.

Our Goals and the Results:
450 members - Exceeded
45% of members have an active investment - Met
$45 000 in active investments - Exceeded
$4 500 Already paid out to members - Met

We will be adding features to the website over the next few weeks which we are very excited about! Be sure to visit the site regularly and have a look around. Just today for example, we added a new forum to our ratings page where members can discuss Gold Alliance Fund.

To show our continuing appreciation for your support and trust in GAF, we will be adding a $45 token of appreciation to all members who signed up before the 16th of May, this investment will be added on the birthday of the member, whether they have an active investment or not!
This is just the start of what, we know, will be a long and profitable journey for all our members.

Thank You,
GAF CEO and Staff

"As fewer and fewer people have confidence in paper as a store of value, the price of gold will continue to rise." -- Jerome F. Smith
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Date: Mar 29th  
 Quantum A.I Trade + $0.80 
Date: Mar 29th  
Latest Votes
Keeper-Money Limited
Thanks admin get high refrral commission good job Keeper-Money Limited The amount of 250 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U22218287->U17928845 Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to usman.nisar from Keeper-Money Limited.. Date: 08:89 31.03.20. Batch: 308563162.
i was always wd but always pending ny Bitdayz so pls becareful admin
Sent March 30 @ 22:14 PM To: 9DbiofmVwsbidThgsbvi2XXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from CLEGGFINANCE.COM $3225.12 Transaction Confirmed
sent March 30 @ 10:55 am To: 3QbsehnfDolPhjKroug1XXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from RESTEK FUND $5090.11 Transaction Confirmed
Sent March 30 @ 07:20 AM To: 7TajfNyibvhMejoUzsnxg2XXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Rivat Investment PREMIUM $991.18 Transaction Confirmed
Sent March 29 @ 22:02 PM To: 9FbiolrVmzwsdeDfqite2XXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from CLEGGFINANCE.COM $2925.14 Transaction Confirmed
sent March 29 @ 11:22 am To: 3VfwrhdLiocGkwvuCri2XXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from RESTEK FUND $3950.18 Transaction Confirmed
Keeper-Money Limited
Thanks admin received instant withdraw great work Keeper-Money Limited + 450 USD Date: 30.03.2020 13:26:17 ID: 955627042 Details: P14274357 ? P1015034539 Amount: 450 USD Comment: Withdraw to Justin From Keeper-Money Limited
03.29.2020 19:12 Account Transfer -5101 Sent Payment: 5101 USD to account U150422XX from U22120585. Batch: 3088042XX. Memo: Payout from CLEGGFINANCE.COM
03.29.2020 04:10 Account Transfer -1770 Sent Payment: 1770 USD to account U190199XX from U19266015. Batch: 3095481XX. Memo: Payout from RESTEK FUND
03.29.20 05:59 Account Transfer -7050 Sent Payment: 7050 USD to account U199051XX from U20436987. Batch: 3081358XX. Memo: Rivat Investment
Sent March 29 @ 04:07 AM To: 8AdjribwEsvgfhCyukmq3XXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from CLEGGFINANCE.COM $2130.16 Transaction Confirmed
Sent March 29 @ 17:00 PM To: 2JncuBgfvDrgxswArez7XXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Payout from RESTEK FUND $914.12 Transaction Confirmed
sent March 29 @ 04:15 am To: 5ExdhjsQihRighnswxJedi1XXXXXX From: My Bitcoin Wallet Rivat Investment PREMIUM $1400.19 Transaction Confirmed
Latest Hyip News
A warm welcome to our new investors and some news
Ronwards Newsletter >> read details
May-21-2013 08:40:21 PM DDoS Attack has been mitigated by our Technical Team and Hosting Partner
SloansLoans Newsletter >> read details
May-21-2013 12:21:21 AM
Cavaxo Limited Facebook Page
Cavaxo Limited Newsletter >> read details
May-20-2013 07:39:35 PM
Launching of
Profxtrade Newsletter >> read details
May-20-2013 07:38:52 PM
We are celebrating 100 Days online!
Malaysian INC Newsletter >> read details
May-20-2013 07:29:45 AM
25 Weeks Online. Aftermath.
The AG Fenix Company Management.Newsletter >> read details
May-19-2013 11:01:32 PM
A Great \"Working Weekend\" For
Ronwards Newsletter >> read details
May-18-2013 08:29:33 PM
Sloans Loans - 1st Cycle completed, NEW Regional Representatives Program
Sloans Loans Newsletter >> read details
May-18-2013 04:50:55 AM
Recorded webinar added
Briscofund Newsletter >> read details
May-17-2013 07:31:05 PM
Gold Alliance Fund Newsletter
Gold Alliance Fund Newsletter >> read details
May-16-2013 10:01:36 PM
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