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Jun-27-2013 08:19:55 PM
Wunev Update Newsletter

Thank you for your dedication and support of Wunev Assets. We have welcomed over a thousand new investors this week as we reach one month online paying our members. This can only be attested to our diligent promotors who spread the word of Wunev all over social networking sites and revenue sharing advertising websites.

I thought now would be a good time to send a newsletter to our members to discuss a little bit about Wunev Assets. We are operating under a UK limited company called Wunev Limited. Our company records can be checked with Companies House UK and has been confirmed by our SSL security provider, COMODO as many of you can see from the address bar with our company name in green on many browsers.

We offer a stable interest rate of 3.5% daily for a period of 75 calendar days. This amounts to a total return of 262%.

We currently operate with these four payment methods: SolidTrust Pay, Perfect Money, EgoPay and Ezybonds.

We offer a four levels deep affiliate program, which amounts to a total of 9% referral commissions.

Level 1: 5%
Level 2: 2%
Level 3: 1%
Level 4: 1%

Don\'t forget to join us on Facebook on our official page:

I can also be reached via skype at the username: wunevltd

Thank You,
Nicolasina Van Litsenburg
skype: wunevltd
Wunev Limited
Jun-20-2013 08:43:25 PM
HRS-II - Part 3 - Earning Percentages


Hi Everyone,

As promised, today we are going to discuss “The Earnings Percentages”

In HourlyRevShare, we have 3 Vital BENEFITS for YOU, which are:

(1) Powerful Advertising Value (which I will discuss in a Tutorial)
(2) Sharing in a Profit Pool (based on Advertising and Forex Trading) *** today
(3) Significant Referral Commissions (for sharing 1 and 2 with others)

TODAY, we will concentrate on the 2nd benefit: Sharing in the Profit Pool, and in the days ahead we will address – in detail - also the 1st and the 3rd benefits.

1. The 3 Different Levels: BASIC / PREMIUM / VIP - Minimum Purchase Levels

Each Level has its own Entry Requirement – which most of you are already familiar with:

BASIC - requires a minimum purchase of $ 10 *
PREMIUM - requires a minimum purchase of $ 300
VIP - requires a minimum purchase of $ 1,000

* We will most likely RAISE these minimums as we move ahead - but for right now we want you, who are mostly the former HRS-1 Membership, to be able to have an “HRS-II Founders Advantage” allowing you to still purchase at these Lower Entry Levels (for a Limited Time only).

* The next estimated RAISE in minimums will be

BASIC - will require a minimum purchase of $ 100
PREMIUM – will require a minimum purchase of $ 1,000
VIP - will require a minimum purchase of $ 5,000

* Use this Limited Time of this “HRS-II Founders Advantage” well,
and let your friends know – those are ready - to join us now!

* We know that HRS-II will come to “SHINE OUT” as a Brilliant Star in the Market Place. Once we have PROVEN that we’ve successfully made the Transition from HRS-I to HRS-II, once everyone experiences PROMPT PAYOUTS and PROMPT & Courteous SUPPORT, then
HRS-II will have become an IRRESISTABLE PROPOSITION (or as some say, a No-Brainer).

* Right now, we fully understand that it takes the Courage of a Group of people who are Pioneers, Entrepreneurs with Wit and Wisdom – who can “smell a good thing” ahead of when the masses will find out.

* When we have all the HRS-II pieces in place and we’ve got it all rolling like it should… we will then let some of the best professionals in the world make a Viral Marketing System for HRS-II, with Videos, Flash Movies, with Doorway Pages, Autoresponders, and Invitations to Intro-Webinars, etc. which will catapult us from 60,000 Members to well over 600,000 Members. But it’s not the right time yet for that. FIRST we want to PROVE to YOU what we are MADE OF and what we are CAPABLE OF.

1. The 3 Different Levels: BASIC / PREMIUM / VIP
the Minimum Purchase Levels

Based on the new percentages, the new hourly commission percentages should be as follows:

* This is another Modification that has been implemented in order to strengthen the Vitality and the Longevity of HRS-II (this is on the PREMIUM = 4.25% and VIP = 4.50% ).

• Basic pays 0.167 % hourly for 24 hours
that is 4.00 % daily for 30 Business Days (Mon-Fri)
that is 120 % return upon completion (42 Calendar Days)

• Premium pays 0.177 % hourly for 24 hours
that is 4.250 % daily for 30 Business Days (Mon-Fri)
that is 127.5 % return upon completion (42 Calendar Days)

• VIP pays 0.1875 % hourly for 24 hours
that is 4.5 % daily for 30 Business Days (Mon-Fri)
that is 135 % return upon completion (42 Calendar Days)

2. These Percentages are DYNAMIC – not Static


------- -------

Basic Plan 4.5 % Static 4.00 % Dynamic
Premium Plan 5.5 % Static 4.25 % Dynamic
VIP Plan 6.5 % Static 4.50 % Dynamic

What does that mean for you?

We all know that in any businesses, there are Days with Very High Profits and then, there are Days with more Moderate Profits. At times, there are some days with No Profits at all, or even some Losses.

Therefore a “flexible” (or “dynamic”) return, based on actual real trading/sales profits of the day, is a more realistic approach to defining and paying out Rebates.

Forex is very volatile; it's never possible to predict exactly what will happen. Naturally there are days or certain trades, when I trade at a loss. That is part of the territory.

Yet up till now, with our “fixed” or “static” rebates model, I continued to pay and that is one of several reasons why HRS-1 became weakened. In HRS-II, we will dynamically “slide” the % up or down, depending on how well we do in the market (both Advertising Profits and Trading).

On weekends there is no trading, so no profits are generated. Again in HRS-1, I continued to pay. This now has stopped (luckily – and thank you for letting me make this BIG SHIFT), because it would have been unrealistic and irresponsible of me if I would have kept doing this. (Plus I also need time to rest and spend time with my kids and my family).

4. HRS-II is much more “intelligent” and “real”.

With HRS-II we are now paying Rebates in accordance with trading results and the levels of sales of advertising. And I am happy to say – we are off to a good start.

- A really good day of trading or heavy sales volume will allow me to rebate “slightly more” that day than the aimed Profit %.

- On a poor trading day or if loss was incurred you may see little or no rebates delivered that day.

- This dynamic adaptation may also be adjusted from time to time with Extra Bonuses

5. Profit Generated Monday through Friday

Trading is suspended on weekend days, meaning that no profits are generated from Forex over that time and no rebates will be posted to accounts. This is therefore the perfect time to allow HRS management and staff to also be able to take a break.

What does that mean?

Instead of the 7 Days per Week (in HRS-1)
we now have 5 Days per Week (in HRS-2)
Business Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

So, in order to Complete a FULL CYCLE of 30 Business Days,
(30 / 5 days per week ) it takes 6 weeks to complete
(6 weeks of 7 days) or 42 days to complete.

6. As in HRS-1, HRS-II operates with a “Purchase Payback %”

A Purchase Payback Percentage means that a Portion of your Purchase Cost is paid back over the time of the Cycle (30 Business Days).

Since we are talking about 30 “active” Business Days – that means that your ORIGINAL PURCHASE MONEY is paid back in portions of 1/30th per business day (over the cycle of 30 business days)

that means that 3.33333% of the PayOut per day is Purchase Cost PAYBACK

Example: you Purchased $1,000 worth of AdPacks
that $1,000 is your “Original Purchase Cost”
everyday 1/30th (of the $1,000) will be Paid back as Purchase Cost PayBack
therefore $33.33 of your Daily Profit would be the Daily Cost PayBack
and $33.33 paid every day – for 30 days – would result into $1,000

7. What does that compare to in NET DAILY PROFIT?

4.00% Basic Plan = actually 4.00 - 3.333 = 0.667 % Net Daily Profit
4.25% Premium Plan = actually 4.25 - 3.333 = 0.917 % Net Daily Profit
4.50% VIP Plan = actually 4.50 - 3.333 = 1.167 % Net Daily Profit

* These are very “Realistic” and “Achievable” Percentages of Return.
Therefore they will contribute (as one of the many factors) to the longevity of HRS-II

On some days we will perform much better than that – and we may pay more. On some days we will perform less than that – and we may pay less. But on average, we should be able to realize this for a long long time to come

As in HRS-1, you can USE your Earnings, and your Commissions to Re-Purchase more AdPacks every day. Each new AdPack Purchase starts its own 30 (business) day Cycle.

8. Last but not least: THE FIRST PAY OUTS

You have probably already SEEN on Dr. Lieven’s Facebook Page


It is just FANTASTIC to SEE and EXPERIENCE the Enthusiasm
and Gratitude that comes with People Getting Paid.

*** PLEASE POST YOUR PAY OUTS on the Facebook Page
so everyone can SEE that we Pay Out Well and so that YOU can be CONGRATULATED by all the Members. It’s Fun!!!

Dr. Lieven came up with a little BRILLIANT IDEA…


So… here is what we do:

- each time that one of the Members Posts an “I’ve been Paid”
- then we simply type Congratulations and add this little LINK
- when you Submit your Comment , then Facebook will
automatically make this Cute Little Red Ribbon pop-up

- the objective is that we come to see these little Red Ribbons ALL OVER OUR FB-Page

* Already yesterday there were OTHER PEOPLE (who were not related to HRS) asking "what all these POSTS were with these little Red Ribbons??”

And of course, then is a Good Time to introduce them to HourlyRevShare-II

9. Withdrawals till Midnight, Thursday June 20th – London Server Time

There is still time till Midnight Tonight to do a Withdrawal. So if you would like to “TEST THE WATERS” and feel what it FEELS LIKE to GET PAID, then go ahead. Just log in and submit your Withdrawal request.

* Over the next few days, Analie will PICK the DAY of the WEEK
which will then be the Permanent WITHDRAWAL DAY

* Right now, and for the next few weeks, the following weekly withdrawal limits are in place:

- One withdrawal request per member
- Choose from Rebates OR Commissions
- Request up to $500 per week
The usual 70/30 rule applies; 30% of the requested amount will be placed into your Repurchase Balance and the remaining 70% will be processed for sending to your payment processor.

As HRS-II is completely falling into place then we will see about increasing the limits.

Tomorrow, and in the next Updates, we will talk about:

“The 300-500% Limits on the Earnings”
“The Instructions for PIF Accounts”
and some other subjects.

So, see you tomorrow, for the next update :)

Analie Steinway

Oh, by the way....
Many Members have asked if there is another Website or Website Address for HRS-II... the Site is the Same, the Login is the Same... and for right now, the LOOKS are the Same - we are "saving up budget" to then do an HRS-II NEW LOOK MAKE OVER... but FIRST we want to make sure that our Members ARE PAID PROMPTLY. And our HRS-I site is a great looking site to work in anyways!
Jun-20-2013 02:43:59 AM
Attention please

Dear Investors ,

First thank you for showing interest to join Prime on investment Group.
i need to mentioned here please use of same Perfect money account to deposit and withdraw money to avoid delay .

Jun-20-2013 02:38:37 AM
SolidTrustPay has been officially launched!

Dear hyipscope,

As promised we continue introducing new depositing and withdrawing options for you! We are glad to announce that Pure Income has officially launched SolidTrustPay payment gateway. Bitcoin and OKpay will be added shortly! Stay tuned!

Mark Cobe
Marketing Director of Pure Income
Jun-18-2013 10:45:48 PM
HRS-II - Part 1 - Balances Transferred

- “The BALANCES that will be TRANSFERRED into HRS-II”

Hi Everyone,

As you have probably already seen on the website, have read on Facebook or in the Skype Rooms:

Dear HRS Members,

As you know, we are in the Final Stages of the New and Fresh TRANSFORMATION towards HRS-II. The Programmers are making very good progress and soon will be putting the FINAL TOUCHES.

At this stage, we expect to LIVE in approximately 48-72 hours (latest by Friday)

We greatly appreciate your patience and ALL DETAILS will be revealed and explained in CLARITY.
THANK YOU for your Patience and THANK YOU for your Trust

With Love

Analie Steinway

So… what I have decided to do is write 1 Newsletter Update – EVERY DAY, for at least the next 5 days, so that we can go STEP by STEP through each of the different qualities of HRS-II without overloading TOO MUCH in 1 Message.

For TODAY… I want to talk about “The BALANCES that will be TRANSFERRED into HRS-II”

Tomorrow, we will talk about “The Earnings Percentages, etc.”
Then we will also talk about “The First Withdrawals”, “The First Payouts”, “The 300-500% Limits on the Earnings”, “The New Flexible Percentages (instead of Static)”, “The PIF Accounts” and several other subjects.

I would suggest to stay CALM, try not to SPECULATE too much… as each aspect will be explained and of course will become crystal clear, once it is set in motion.


But before we go there, let me give again a quick overview on how we unfortunately arrived, with HRS-I, at a point that was NOT sustainable and would have driven HRS completely into its downfall:

1 - We have grown much faster than I ever anticipated, so yes, I got overloaded beyond control – and even our servers got overloaded – but we got that resolved through better and faster servers, and considerable re-programming.

2 - In the beginning we struggled severely with Server Attacks – but with time and expertise, we’ve got that resolved as well – no other attacks since.

3 – Then, one day I found that our .com Domain had been “kidnapped” (through a registrar who had no principles) and we got resolved through switching to the .net domain

4 – Then a very painful one was that someone hacked into my Liberty Reserve account and stole $870,000.00 USD – and even more painful was that LR didn’t even bother to investigate it. This meant a great loss of Reserve Funds. But, I injected over $500,000 of my own money to resolve that issue.

5 – Then, Profitable Sunrise collapsed… Profit Clicking was not paying out,… BannersBroker was no longer Paying Out… and people started become very scared and nervous and started to WITHDRAW in mass. I realized that we needed to do something to PRESERVE the RESERVE FUNDS – too many withdrawals too fast – and not enough time to trade with these funds. And that is when I realized it was necessary to start to REDUCE the Amount of Withdrawals to ONCE A WEEK (cause some members were doing withdrawals every hour!!! – can you imagine)

6 – Then things kept getting busier and busier (with the Payouts and the Support and the Trading) … and had almost gotten to a level where I barely had time left for my family and myself. I became exhausted. And that is when it becomes even more difficult to see clear and make clear decisions. But, I continued to do my very best that I could – despite the haunting stress. On several occasions I had wanted to fly out to Ireland to meet up with Dr. Lieven, but the schedule simply didn’t allow.

7 – We finally planned a week that worked for all of us, so that we could meet in Ireland with Moni (who flew all the way from New Zealand to Ireland) and we were going to brainstorm the necessary Re-Structuring of HRS. But then – sadly enough, my son, Klaus, had the terrible fall in the park, which put him in the hospital and in coma for 2 days. Probably my most frightening days of HRS and quite possibly of my life. Fortunately, with proper medical attention, Klaus did wake up and has been recovering well since. I want to THANK ALL OF YOU for your prayers and your very kind and supportive messages. This was an extremely difficult time for me – as a mother - and it shook me to my foundations as a business woman.

8 – Next, we got hit with the SHUT DOWN of Liberty Reserve. They were found to have Scammed over $6 Billion Dollars. I was still using LR for some of my Forex Trading… so all of that got wiped out. Another TEAR in the Reserves. Almost all other Programs had to cut back or quit paying all together. Even some just disappeared into thin air (like Brisco Funds) – and that is when I had to really cut back on Payouts. But nevertheless, I tried to make sure that we still have a DAILY DOSE of Payouts going out to Members.

9 - By that time… now in looking back… I realized that we had really missed the ball with Earning Percentages that were WAY TOO HIGH, to be sustainable. And I know that some of you wonder why I didn’t see or realize that sooner… but IN HINDSIGHT everything becomes clear and we all become experts, right? So… I could see that HRS, while I was trying very hard to keep things going, as best as I could, was SINKING IN THE SAND.

And that is when I realized we either had to bury this project – in which case, I would have been happy to refund anyone who had lost money, or knuckle down and fix this. I am a fighter… giving up is not in my nature… so, instead of giving up, we “put our heads together” and came up with several BRILLIANT IDEAS and soon we were looking at the HRS-II Plans. The biggest barrier, however, was that we were going to have to do a VERY RADICAL TRANSITION, and we were going to have to do it FAST. I realized very well that this RADICAL TRANSITION would upset many of you – might even scare some of you – or might even leave some of you with a feeling of being scammed or mislead. But, when it’s time to do A LIFE SAVING OPERATION… we sometimes need to put all criticism, fears and hesitations aside and simply DO what is necessary. And voilà… this brings us to the most recent Newsletter.

Now, having worked with the Programmers and having had time to really THINK about the HRS-II Plan, we truly have a VERY STURDY STRUCTURE that is much more ROBUST and FLEXIBLE than before. So we will be able to ride the storms much better… we will be able to grow much more with much more stability… and we will have a structure that will be able to adapt much faster.

Remember… there is NO HANDBOOK or MBA Course in any University that tells us what to do here. This is UNCHARTED TERRAIN… and we all know that most similar programs have failed and flopped at it… so we shouldn’t do any copying of them either. It’s all about being Creative and Smart and, at the same time, keeping our Compass and Direction in line with our Vision.

One Last Thing before we move to today’s subject:


I know that most of you would like to see all the PENDING WITHDRAWALS PAID – as you feel that that is a way of CONFIRMING THAT I KEEP MY WORD. And truly, I wish for nothing more than to SHOW YOU JUST THAT – because I am not a cheater and I am not a scammer. I am running an honest business the best way I can. However, I am not the Federal Reserve and I cannot just PRINT A BUNCH OF NEW MONEY. I do hope that my above explanation helps to bring some clarity to HOW THE RESERVE FUNDS got DEPLETED. So, I cannot magically make money appear out of thin air. I can only pay from the AVAILABLE RESERVES. And as you can see for all the past weeks, during this INTERRUPT or PAUSE… I have continued to do the very best I could – especially with the smaller accounts, as many of these members are very dependent on that money. I believe that any observer can see that I keep doing the best that I can.

However, in order to REBUILD Fresh Reserves, we MUST move on with HRS-II and I have been delighted to HEAR OVERWHELMING SUPPORT and a CONFIRMATION from you, the Membership (via your Facebook Responses), that YOU ARE READY FOR HRS-II.

Once HRS-II is in Full Motion and once I have been able to enjoy doing some of the Prompt Payouts again – most of you know that I enjoy nothing more than to do payouts – knowing it’s like sending little rays of light to each of the families…. Then I promise that I will take another look at the PENDING WITHDRAWALS. However, please also keep in mind, that there are Members who DID NOT WITHDRAW, yet were very loyal in referring other New HRS Members…. THEY TOO DESERVE TO GET INTO PROFIT. That is why,… above all it is essential that we get started with HRS-II.

So… Now for Today:

“The BALANCES that will be TRANSFERRED into HRS-II”

This is an EASY and SIMPLE one for today… tomorrow we will dig into all the other ones…

From an overwhelming result – as expressed in the FB Polls – almost everyone is in full agreement that we need to make sure the Members who have NOT BEEN PAID YET get PRIORITY ATTENTION

and SUPPORT. These are the Members who DID NOT GET INTO PROFIT, either because their Withdrawals are still pending – or – because they have not requested a withdrawal yet. I believe that any Member who has already earned significant Profit could hardly or fairly argue with that.

So… it’s very simple:

There are 3 groups:

GROUP 1 – who received more in Payouts than their Original Purchase (those in profit)

GROUP 2 – who received NO Payouts (who otherwise would have lost money)

GROUP 3 – who only received some Payouts, but less than their Original Spend

When HRS-II opens up its doors:

GROUP 1 – will find a ZERO BALANCE
Example: Bill purchased with $1,000
Bill already got paid 10 times @ $300 each, for a total of $3,000
so he will find $0.00 (zero) active Ad Packs in his New HRS-II Account
GROUP 2 – will find 100% of their Original Funding Deposit
Example: John purchased with $1,000
John never received any Payouts
so he will find $1,000 in active Ad Packs in his New HRS-II Account

GROUP 3 – will find their Original Funding Deposit – (minus) their Payouts
Example: Mary purchased with $1,000
Mary received 3 Payouts of $100 each, for a total of $300
so she will find $700 in active Ad Packs in her New HRS-II Account

These are words that I have seen DOZENS of times in Facebook,
when the above was explained: “THAT IS VERY FAIR FOR EVERYONE”

* in a coming Update, we WILL talk about accounts that were started with PIF Funds.

Tomorrow, we will talk about “The Earnings Percentages, etc.”

Then, we will also talk about
- “The First Withdrawals”
- “The First Payouts”
- “The 300-500% Limits on the Earnings”
- “The New Flexible Percentages (instead of Static)”
- “The PIF Accounts”
and several other subjects.

Again - I would suggest to stay CALM, try not to SPECULATE too much… as each aspect will be explained and of course will become crystal clear, once it is set in motion.

Thanks for your time to READ this Update
and we’ll continue TOMORROW.

Till then…

With Love
Analie Steinway

PS: for the fastest way to get Updated – join Dr. Lieven’s Facebook Group
Jun-18-2013 08:29:11 AM
Click Paid announces winners!

Greetings IBOs!

It is another phenomenal week at Click Paid. Our Click Masters Webinar last Wednesday had an impressive turnout and we would like to recognize the winner of our $50 drawing: Eduard G.! To hear the call again, visit the archived calls list at the top right of the notification window of the main dashboard.

Thank you for all your great support in making Click Paid what it is today, and keep checking back for more exciting incentives and great news!

Yours in success,

-- The Click Paid Team
Jun-15-2013 11:33:41 AM
Introduction of Live Chat on

Hello HyipSCOPE ,

Hello and thank you for reading this update from . We are very pleased to announce that we have added another very useful feature on our website. We have added a LIVE CHAT feature, where you can talk to our operators to address your important concerns. We welcome Ms. Kimberly Jacobs and and Mr. Richard Tatum to our customer support department. They shall take care of your concerns and feel free to reach them via our Live Chat section when you think that you need help.

Please be reminded that contacting our Customer Support staff with concerns about why your withdrawal is not processed after 5 minutes from time of request is not allowed. All inquiries made via Live Chat will be forwarded to me for urgency. So please do not waste our operators' time when your concern is simply written in our website FAQ or TOS.

We are so happy to provide you a great opportunity and we are on our 84th day today without any problems.

Thank you for being an investor at

Ron Howards
Jun-14-2013 09:48:58 PM
Wunev Ltd Reaches 6,000 Members

I am happy to announce we broke 6,000 members earlier today with over 3700 of them being depositing members now. This couldn\'t have been accomplished without all our network marketers and affiliate marketers who transcend this industry that we are apart of. We have received a lot of emails from new members just asking about Wunev who have never been in this type of program which is great to hear and what will help Wunev in the long term.

You can find our official Facebook page here:
and also a Facebook group started by a member recently here:

To our many members, we are paying out daily 3.5% for a period of 75 calendar days to SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, and EgoPay.

We also offer a great source of referral commissions to all our members which is 4 levels deep.

Your direct referrals (Level 1): 5% commission on all their deposits for all deposits.
Your direct referrals\' referrals (Level 2): 2% commission on all their deposits for all deposits
Level 3: 1% commission on all their deposits for all deposits
Level 4: 1% commission on all their deposits for all deposits

Enjoy your weekend,
Nicolasina Van Litsenburg
skype: wunevltd
Jun-14-2013 09:46:39 PM
VIVA BANK, All Payments done

Hi Dear VIVA BANK Members.

Nice Day

All Payments done. Don't forgot to support us.

Best Regards,
Jun-14-2013 07:28:58 AM
Phishing Email Disguised as FEF

Hello HyipSCOPE,

I am sending this news alert for all to be warned that there is someone circulating a phishing email to rip off money in your processor accounts. The email goes like below:

Dear FEF Client.

I am Bryan, Financial Department, We would to inform
that admin stopped work with us. so we can't process all withdraw
request from our client.

We need information about your withdaw reqeust.
Just sent only 5% from your total withdrawal request to our
e-currency. SolidTrustPay, Egopay or Perfect Monoey. Depend with your
withdraw request. For example you have withdraw pending $10, just sent

On MEMO transaction, You must mention :
1. Username
2. Date request
3. Amount
4. Payment methods.

You will see this information on "withdrawal history" section.

Sent to :
STP : financeFEF
Egopay :
perfectmoney : U5905954

After you sent, just wait within 24 hours. We will process your withdrawal soon.

Best Regards
Jose Bryan (FEF Financial Department)




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Date: Apr 1st + $0.17 
Date: Apr 1st  
 Kirkland & Felt Elite Sticky Listing + $7.00 
Date: Apr 1st  
 Power Battery Group + $1.00 
Date: Apr 1st + $1.10 
Date: Apr 1st  
Latest Votes
Kirkland & Felt Elite Sticky Listing
This program is truly amazing guys I have increased my deposit to $1500 once my big withdrawal was paid off This is amazing indeed I will soon make more investments as well. John Kirkland is really experienced surely :) Payment batch - The amount of 68.68 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U17522209->U5677***. Memo: API Payment. Congratulations heatstreak! Your withdrawal has been processed.. Date: 20:32 12.03.20. Batch: 306940852 The amount of 17.34 USD has been deposited to
Keeper-Money Limited
Received instant withdraw good job Keeper-Money Limited + 520 USD Date: 4.04.2020 16:20:33 ID: 955726641 Details: P14274357 ? P70094509 Amount: 520 USD Comment: Withdraw to Chalmers From Keeper-Money Limited
payment received on time. I would like to invest more & more. the best paying system.
Paid me immediately. Thanks Admin. Stay up the great work!
Super. I will invest again. $181.82 has been successfully sent to your Perfect Money account . Transaction batch is 309591001.
04.02.2020 10:52 Account Transfer -2150 Sent Payment: 2150 USD to account U194116XX from U22120585. Batch: 3091500XX. Memo: Payout from CLEGGFINANCE.COM
04.02.20 20:12 Account Transfer -2180 Sent Payment: 2180 USD to account U18071XX from U20436987. Batch: 3079911XX. Memo: Rivat Investment
received the payment instantly as usual...
received the payment instantly as usual...
$61.85 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account. Transaction batch is 309989001.
$61.85 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account. Transaction batch is 309989001.
paying... $293.10 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account. Transaction batch is 309598224.
Keeper-Money Limited
Thanks admin received instant withdraw Keeper-Money Limited The amount of 1200 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U22218287->U13664564 Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to masif from Keeper-Money Limited.. Date: 03:35 2.04.20. Batch: 3095193675.
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