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3% Daily for 365 Days
Expires: 2014-10-05
Position 1 - $80/Week

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4% Daily for 365 Days.
Expires: 2014-09-16
Position 2 - $75/Week

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[1]   In India Limited
In India Limited Thumbnail


Very Good Good Bad Very Bad
164 0 0 0
Up to 3.2%-10% daily
Up to 277% after 17 calendar days!
Invested: $200.00
Received: 316 %
Last Paid: 2014-07-29
Paydays/wk: 7 days
Minimum: $25
Withdrawal: Instant
Ref.Com.: 10%
Started: 2013-07-15
Added: 2014-06-10
LifeTime: 379 days
Support: Support E-Mail

Forums: MMG | TG | DTM | MMGP | CG | Bzns | MFC | RC | RMMG |
  Program Details Add to MyHyips Request 2888% RCB ($395.57 Total RCB amount paid by HyipSCOPE.org to downlines on In India Limited)
Site Latest News: 2014-07-16 In India Limited Newsletter
[2]   Blue Sky Asset
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Very Good Good Bad Very Bad
0 2 0 0
3% Daily for 365 Days
Invested: $168.00
Received: 186 %
Last Paid: 2014-07-29
Paydays/wk: 7 days
Minimum: $10
Withdrawal: Manual
Ref.Com.: 5%
Started: 2013-10-20
Added: 2013-10-21
LifeTime: 282 days
Support: Support E-Mail Support Form

Forums: MMG | TG | DTM | MMGP | CG | MFC | RC |
  Program Details Add to MyHyips Request 2888% RCB ($49.80 Total RCB amount paid by HyipSCOPE.org to downlines on Blue Sky Asset)
May-31-2013 07:56:17 PM
EgoPay payment gate is launched!

Dear hyipscope,

We are glad to announce that Pure Income has officially launched Egopay payment gateway. As promised we will be introducing new depositing/withdrawing options for you shortly. Stay tuned!

Pure Income Team

May-31-2013 07:15:57 AM
Official Newsletter from Pure Income

Dear hyipscope,

This is an official Newsletter from Pure Income. As you may have heard Liberty Reserve has been shut down by the US authorities, however for those of you who used to both invest and withdraw with Liberty Reserve we have alternative payment options. You can use Perfect Money and Bank Wire Transfer ($500 minimum). We'll be introducing new payment gateways such as Egopay, SolidTrustPay, OKpay and Bitcoin. Very soon our customers from all over the world will have more choices for depositing or withdrawing with Pure Income! The incident with Liberty Reserve once again proved how sustainable we are. If you lost funds with that payment platform don't worry as here you can at least triple them. Thank you for your trust! Stay tuned!

Pure Income Team

May-30-2013 01:14:11 AM
Skype Group

Hello Friends,

How about we all chill in a Skype group? wouldn't it be cooler to stay in touch almost all the time with the company investing your money?

If you'd like to be part of our Skype group, Add the username Majesticpayday as a friend, mention your username in MajesticPayDay.com and we will add you to the group.

Please do not advertise any 3rd party programs and lets have some fun while we earn!


May-29-2013 05:31:55 AM
LibertyReserve no longer available as payment option.

Hello dear members,

as we all have noticed Liberty Reserve was seized by US government last week and is no longer operating as virtual currency, due to this sad news Secure Earn LTD. is no longer accepting Liberty Reserve as one of the payment options. Members who made deposit via LR will be contacted with exchange options in near future. Please make all future payments with reliable virtual currencies, such as PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay.

Best Regards,
Secure Earn LTD. team.

May-29-2013 05:31:08 AM
Bruce Lee - Be water.

Hello dear members,

due to recent Liberty Reserve shut down the e-commerce industry is at lowest point that it has been in last few years. Instead of worrying about industries future without such major electronic currency as LibertyReserve was, Secure Earn LTD. took step back and looked at this situation from philosophical stand point. We have to be like water, adjust to current situation and new oppurtunities will take place in next few months.

In this case I would to quote Bruce Lee - "Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend."

Video version:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTnSEFsInp0

Best Regards,
Secure Earn LTD. team.

May-28-2013 09:54:12 PM
Cavaxo Bonus Program and Newsletter

While rolling back Liberty Reserve requests, some other processor withdrawal requests were rolled back as well. Please re-submit your withdrawal request if you are one of those users.

Also our bonus program is in effect for all our members, a 10% bonus on all new deposits through the end of this week (Friday, May 31st). This applies to all our members which we instituted due to the Liberty Reserve mess in the industry.

We also have another suggestion for our users that we would love to hear feedback on and that is Bank Wire Deposits and Withdrawals. Respond to this newsletter with your thoughts!

Thank You,
Cavaxo Limited

May-28-2013 09:53:40 PM
GAF Facebook, Testimonials and LR Bonus!

Dear Valued GAF members,

We would again like to remind you of the testimonial contest that ends tomorrow at midnight (Wednesday May 29, midnight EST). The 10 most inspirational testimonials will each receive a $45 investment from us. Winners will be announced Friday.

We would also like to remind our Liberty Reserve members that have not yet taken advantage of the 20% bonus offer; this offer is not time-sensitive, as it is official now that Liberty Reserve has been seized by judicial authorities. You will also become eligible again to earn referral commissions because of an active investment in your account.

And last but not least, we at GAF are happy to announce the launch of our Facebook group! The link for the GAF Facebook Group is located on the ‘Ratings’ page. We hope to see you all there!

We wish all our members a joyous, profitable week.

Yours Sincerely,
GAF CEO and Staf

May-28-2013 09:02:17 PM
UPDATE: For all Liberty Reserve Depositors

Fellow crowdfunders

We have received official information, that the Liberty Reserve payment system is indeed gone. For more information we refer to the United States Attorney Office of the Southern District of New York.

Fortunately, only 23% of our depositors are using Liberty Reserve. Unfortunately, as a young enterprise, we cannot by any means reimburse these funds, without jeopardizing our entire project.

NEO Mutual is a community project and seeking funding on that basis. It is essential for us to act responsible and in the interest of the majority of our contributors. For this reason shifting funds from Liberty Reserve to any other payment system is not an option.

We will of course try to recover some of the funds deposited via Liberty Reserve, once and if there is a receiver announced. For now, your Liberty Reserve account balance stays in your NEO Mutual account, but will not earn compensation.

Sorry folks, I hate to be the messenger of such bad news, but the situation is beyond our control and considered as a Force Majeure event, according to our Terms of Service.

What we can do however, is to motivate you to continue working with NEO Mutual in the future, using a different payment handler and recoup your losses.

This offer is valid for former Liberty Reserve depositors only:

Deposit from $20 - $499 and get 20% bonus, from $500 - $5000 you will receive 25% bonus and for deposits over $5001 you'll receive 30% bonus.

There is no time limitation and all you have to do to claim your bonus is to fund your eWallet and once done please open a support ticket and let us know your transaction details. The bonus will be added to your eWallet and not to any active contribution.

With best regards,

May-28-2013 09:01:28 PM
Cavaxo Newsletter - DOJ issues update on LR

Hello Everyone,

The U.S. DOJ has officially put out a statement and as you can see from LibertyReserve.com now what has happened.


We have decided to extend our 10% bonus to our LR depositors to our whole membership through the end of the week (Friday, May 31st). For a $100 deposit, $10 bonus on top. For a $1000 deposit, $100 on top, and so forth.

Thank You,
Cavaxo Limited

May-27-2013 08:57:13 PM
PerfectWallet Newsletter

Dear members and investors;

This is the 2nd newsletter of PerfectWallet,I hope you all are well.I just processed all pending STP,EGP and PM payments,but LR website is still inaccessible,hopefully it will back on 1st June by schedule.During this period,to make PerfectWallet more stable,we decided to disable LR deposit & withdrawal temporarily.Once LR website is back to normal,we will resume this option.

Thank you and have a nice day ahead!

PerfectWallet Team

May-27-2013 08:48:52 PM
Please read - Important update

Dear Members,

We are in big trouble after LR shutdown. We are Bankrupted. Not only the member deposited money, we have lost over 10 times than the deposited money in LR..

We are in loss. So we are closing our site. Sorry for the trouble.

Kind request, Please do not call our program as scam, because we haven't scammed your money and its a disaster

Your's Truly

May-27-2013 08:47:47 PM
FareEastFunds Newsletter

Hello HyipSCOPE

As some of you noticed, our website was not accessible due to server downtime from our data center, everything has been fixed since last night and all pending withdrawals were processed. I apologize for this interruption or any inconvenience caused.

I hope you are all happy with what Far East Funds providing you, I’m trying to do my best in order to achieve the maximum success. The last couple weeks have been amazing for us, Our membership count has been experiencing a healthy growth and we did not see any slowdown during the upcoming summer period.

To finish this newsletter, I want to let everyone know that we are preparing a testimonial contest, which will be available for all active members of FarEastFunds. Don’t miss it, there is money to be made!

I wish you all a great coming week and enjoy your profits and lives!


Laura Vaughn
Far East Funds Manager

May-27-2013 08:40:27 PM
A message to our LR members

Hello members,

We have come to the conclusion that Liberty Reserve will not return. The story has received international press coverage and if the case was that it was not true and Liberty Reserve would return, something official should have been posted by now from Liberty Reserve management.

Liberty Reserve is now gone and in the likely hands entirely with the U.S. government.

To our current Liberty Reserve members, our funds and your funds are likely never to be seen again.

Thank you for everyone\'s response to our poll about offering a bonus to our LR depositors. We will be offering a bonus of 10% to our LR depositors who make a new deposit in one of the three e-currencies we accept, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, and EgoPay.

This offer is only for our members who have a Liberty Reserve deposit with us.

For example if you deposit $100, you will receive a bonus of $10. If you deposit $1000, you will receive a bonus of $100 and so forth.

Thank You,
Cavaxo Limited

May-27-2013 08:55:54 AM
Official Newsletter from Pure Income

Dear hyipscope,

This is an Official Newsletter from Pure Income. Due to uncertain situation with Liberty Reserve we'd like to clarify some things. We're still waiting for official confirmation but informing you that in any case you won't lose your funds and will be getting paid with Pure Income. If we don't receive any confirmation by June 3 we will come up with other withdrawal options for you. Regarding dividends accrual on Pure Income bonds they will keep accruing and as soon as we find out some sort of withdrawal solution you can take them out immediately! Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay tuned!

Pure Income Team

May-27-2013 08:25:53 AM
Member Newsletter 27. May 2013

Hello all

This is to address the current situation with Liberty Reserve.

Just before the weekend, the Liberty Reserve website became inaccessible and we couldn't process Liberty Reserve withdrawal requests.

During the weekend a lot of rumors came up -- but unfortunately nothing official, nothing verifiable. Until the situation is clear, we decided to terminate the acceptance of Liberty Reserve, i.e. re-investments with Liberty Reserve are not possible.

For members who like to recoup their Liberty Reserve earnings in the meantime, the currency exchanger within the script is enabled. You may freely exchange your Liberty Reserve earnings to any of the other accepted payment processors. Please note that a 25% exchange fee will apply, due to the uncertain situation with Liberty Reserve. To do so, please click on the Currency Manager link in the member area.

Please make sure to enter your additional payment processor accounts in your profile, in order to withdraw to any other processor.

We will update you once we have more information.

Yours truly,

May-26-2013 11:10:51 PM
Cavaxo Newsletter for LR members

We await to hear more news hopefully by Tuesday (since Monday is a non-working Holiday in the U.S.) about Liberty Reserve, but we did receive a suggestion that we would like to ask you our members what you think about it.

The suggestion was to offer a bonus to our members who have LR deposits and that they can receive a bonus percentage if they are an existing LR depositor with us to help with their LR losses.

This would mean if you have a Liberty Reserve deposit with us you can make a new deposit with any of our accepted e-currencies and you would receive a bonus on top of your deposit.

Let us know what you think of this suggestion.

Thank You,
Cavaxo Limited

May-26-2013 10:46:53 PM
Liberty Reserve

Dear Gold Alliance Fund Member,

With the recent events of the payment processor Liberty Reserve going offline and news spreading that the owner has been arrested, we are forced to look at a compromise for our members who have made deposits through Liberty Reserve.

We have taken the time since Liberty Reserve went down to explore all possibilities that will benefit our members and not compromise our business. We have tried to view the situation from both the members view point, as well as from the management side and feel a compromise has to be made between the two points.

The funds GAF had in LR are no longer accessible for our traders to work with and as such we cannot make any profits from them. Simply converting all LR investments over to another processor will not be a feasible solution as this would in effect increase the interest rate we are currently paying our members. We are confident of sustaining the current rates which we have stated on our site. Increasing the rate will only increase the risk for all members.

Payments have still been going out for all other processors since they were not affected in any way. If we were not committed to our members we could simply have closed down. This is not what we want to do. Our first commitment will always be to our members and giving them financial stability, which is something severely lacking around the world today. Nothing gives us greater joy than hearing from our happy members on forums, monitors, through emails and recently through the testimonial contest we opened.

We are aware that other investment programs issued newsletters immediately, stating how they will deal with this situation. Looking at their statements we can't help but feel it was a rushed decision, not taking into consideration both members and their business, which we feel, will eventually leave one of the involved parties at a loss.

After running the figures and much debate on our goals, we have settled on the following, which we believe will benefit both GAF and its members.

Those who have deposits in LR can now deposit using any of the other processors listed and receive a 20% bonus added to their new investment. This does not count for people who had not used LR and will only be available up to the original amount invested from LR.

For example, a member who had deposited $1 000 from LR, can now deposit to any other processor and will be awarded with a maximum bonus of $200. This will be done manually and with over 2000 members who invested using LR, it will take some time to complete them all. Please submit a support ticket after making your new deposit and be patient as we tend to you.

In making this compromise for our members we ask only for your continued commitment and support. Nothing motivates others like reading from happy members on forums, monitors and blogs. Share GAF with the world while we keep sharing the profits with you. Our first commitment will always be to serve you.

GAF CEO and Staff

May-26-2013 10:14:35 PM
Secureassets Newsletter

Dear Investors,

We would like to inform that due to current LibertyReserve issues, from Monday 27.05.2013 daily profits of the investors who invested through LibertyReserve will be added as PerfectMoney earnings to their account balances and can be withdrawn to Perfect Money account at any time.

From 01.06.2013 we will provide exchange service and the users who have money in their SecureAssets LibertyReserve account balance can exchange their funds to PerfectMoney.

If you don\'t have PerfectMoney account, please open one and set in Edit Profile section of SecureAssets. Please note that we will update e-currency account numbers every 24 hours.

We appreciate for your kind understanding.

May-25-2013 10:48:09 PM
JLBCO.com - Regarding the issue with Liberty Reserve

Dear Investors of JLBCO,

I am Jacob Walter, the admin of JLBCO and I would like to take a moment to address the problems with Liberty Reserve that many members have brought to our attention.

We can only say that we do not know what is true or false, and we also do not know when Liberty Reserve will be back online, or if it ever will be. The only thing we know for certain is that Liberty Reserve is offline and we are unable to process any withdrawals to Liberty Reserve until it is back up.

If you have an investment with us using LR, all we can do is wait for the latest news and see what happens next. If it turns out that LR is not going to be back online, we will work with our investors in resolving the existing LR investment that they have with us.

For all other investments using other payment processors, please rest assured that this will not affect you in any way, and we are continuing to pay as usual.

We will keep our investors updated about any news regarding this issue.

Please feel free to contact our support in Live Chat is you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Jacob Walter
JLBCO Administrator

May-25-2013 10:47:25 PM
State of current affairs (Liberty Reserve)

Hello HyipSCOPE

What a surprise today in the morning when I saw the news about Liberty Reserve.
Few members posted on our Facebook page about the current events and keep us updated. You can see it here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/profitreference
We cannot transfer your LR deposit to other currency. This is not our fault and unexpected circumstances like are something of consideration that might happen. This is sensitive business and anything can happen.

As of yet, we cannot conclude anything. We are disabling the deposits through LR and awaiting for developments. All withdrawal requests to LR are also returned to your account balance.

You can still invest with the other 3 payment processors we use - Solidtrustpay, Egopay and Perfectmoney. Send us a support ticket (choose Edit Processor ID) to add your payment info in your account -https://profitreference.com/support/index.php

Best Regards,
- Lucas Beck (CEO and Founder)

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