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3% Daily for 365 Days   BLUESKYASSETS
3% Daily for 365 Days
Expires: 2014-10-05
Position 1 - $80/Week

4% Daily for 365 Days.   EURASIAN ASSET
4% Daily for 365 Days.
Expires: 2014-09-16
Position 2 - $75/Week

4% Daily for 365 Days   VOLKS VENTURE
4% Daily for 365 Days
Expires: 2014-10-20
Position 3 - $70/Week

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Make More Money With Us... 5% Referral Bonus... 5% Pairing Bonus... 25% Matching Bonus...
Expires: 2014-08-25
Position 4 - $65/Week

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[1]   Blue Sky Asset
Blue Sky Asset Thumbnail


Very Good Good Bad Very Bad
0 2 0 0
3% Daily for 365 Days
Invested: $168.00
Received: 197 %
Last Paid: 2014-08-20
Paydays/wk: 7 days
Minimum: $10
Withdrawal: Manual
Ref.Com.: 5%
Started: 2013-10-20
Added: 2013-10-21
LifeTime: 304 days
Support: Support E-Mail Support Form

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  Program Details Add to MyHyips Request 2888% RCB ($49.80 Total RCB amount paid by HyipSCOPE.org to downlines on Blue Sky Asset)
[2]   Safe Bet Income
Safe Bet Income Thumbnail


Very Good Good Bad Very Bad
65 0 0 0
120% AFTER 1 DAY
500% AFTER 10 DAYS
Invested: $800.00
Received: 94 %
Last Paid: 2014-08-20
Paydays/wk: 7 days
Minimum: $5
Withdrawal: Manual
Ref.Com.: 2%
Started: 2014-07-30
Added: 2014-07-31
LifeTime: 21 days
Support: Support E-Mail Support Form

Forums: MMG | TG | DTM | MMGP | CG | Bzns | MFC | RC | RMMG |
  Program Details Add to MyHyips Request 1850% RCB ($183.06 Total RCB amount paid by HyipSCOPE.org to downlines on Safe Bet Income)
Site Latest News: 2014-08-18 Safe Bet Income Ltd Newsletter #4
[3]   SPARBS
SPARBS Thumbnail


Very Good Good Bad Very Bad
1 0 0 0
120% after 15day
160% after 30days
210% After 45Days
Invested: $500.00
Received: 23 %
Last Paid: 2014-08-19
Paydays/wk: 7 days
Minimum: $10
Withdrawal: Manual
Ref.Com.: 5% - 2%
Started: 2014-07-30
Added: 2014-07-30
LifeTime: 21 days
Support: Support E-Mail Support Form

Forums: MMG | TG | DTM | MMGP | CG | MFC | RC | RMMG |
  Program Details Add to MyHyips Request 500% RCB ($7.00 Total RCB amount paid by HyipSCOPE.org to downlines on SPARBS)
[4]   AtomFund
AtomFund Thumbnail


Very Good Good Bad Very Bad
3 0 0 0
120% After 1 Day
55% Daily for 3 Days
230% After 5 Days
500% After 10 Days
Invested: $100.00
Received: 60 %
Last Paid: 2014-08-20
Paydays/wk: 7 days
Minimum: $10
Withdrawal: Manual
Ref.Com.: 2%
Started: 2014-07-27
Added: 2014-08-15
LifeTime: 24 days
Support: Support Form

Forums: MMG | TG | DTM | MMGP | CG | MFC | RC | RMMG |
  Program Details Add to MyHyips Request 369% RCB ($64.66 Total RCB amount paid by HyipSCOPE.org to downlines on AtomFund)
Site Latest News: 2014-08-19 AtomFund Newsletter
Jun-7-2013 08:48:56 PM
Pending Withdrawal Update - READ Please!!

Dear Valued GAF Members,

Allow me to start by apologizing profusely for the pending withdrawals that did not get paid as they should have. And also to apologize in advance for what I have to tell you now. The initial glitch that was thought to be a fairly easy fix, has proved to be more complicated than first thought. After looking into it further, it appears that data that was in some of the members pay processor account fields was corrupted.

So here is the advice of how to best fix this, we need to reverse all the pending withdrawals again. Those who have not received a withdrawal will need to send in a support ticket after they withdraw again, with their pay processor details and the cash out number of that withdrawal, so we can rectify their accounts. Those that have received their withdrawal do not have to send in a ticket as your information was not affected.
Note ** Do not use the contact form, all information regarding this must be sent using a support ticket only - support button is located in the account area of your GAF back office.

I can only ask again for your patience and understanding during these technological challenges. I understand that the withdrawal glitch is causing false information to be posted on forums and monitor sites. Let me assure you GAF is not going anywhere! We are paying our members and will continue to do so!

Thank you for your support, understanding and loyalty, I appreciate it.

Best regards,

Jun-7-2013 11:05:09 AM
Our First Week

Hello HyipSCOPE Your account name is HyipSCOPE.org

Thanks for the support in this first week of The CashFul.Its just the one week and we are proud of all the proceedings.
Paying thousands of members every day.
More then a million deposits and increasing.

We hope to grow more with the best support from all o our members.

Best Regards

Jun-6-2013 08:09:09 AM
Update and contest winners

Dear GAF Trading Ltd member,

Despite my last email to all members we have still been receiving countless tickets and emails which have been addressed in that email. This hindrance is unacceptable in my opinion and forces me to take action against certain members.

I will not tolerate any foul language or uncalled for rudeness towards my staff. Several members have had their accounts suspended for this reason. Their investments will go into a pool that will serve as a bonus for staff having to put up with this.

Also, many members are not abiding by our terms which they have agreed to when they signed up. I have been lenient here and overlooked many small discrepancies. A second offense will either carry a penalty added to your account or suspension.

The downtime has caused some errors in the database which has been the cause for delays in many pendings not being paid on time. Our tech department has advised that the quickest way for us to recover from the downtime will be to reverse all withdrawals back into your account. Please place your withdrawal again and it will be tended to as usual before the database error.

On a much brighter note. I would like to congratulate the winners for Tuesday and Wednesday who have each received a $45 investment from us for posting a unique payment proof.

Tuesday's Winner
Wednesday's Winner

GAF Trading Ltd CEO

Jun-5-2013 09:19:18 PM
Wunev Facebook Group

In addition to our Facebook page found here: http://facebook.com/wunev one of our members has started a Facebook group as well for you to join here:

Stay connected through multiple Facebook means and as always I am reachable via Skype: wunevltd

Thank You,
Nicolasina Van Litsenburg
skype: wunevltd

Jun-5-2013 10:36:19 AM
30% daily for 5 days

Hello dear Secure Earn LTD. member,

Today we are proud to announce our new investment plan called:"30% daily for 5 days.". Minimum amount is just $20 and maximum deposit amount $10000. "30% daily for 5 days" guarantees %150 of your investment after 5 calendar days. For example, if you invest $100, you will receive $150 after just 5 calendar days. This investment opportunity will be available for limited time, don't miss it.

Best Regards,
Secure Earn LTD. team.

Jun-5-2013 03:23:17 AM
GAF is Back!

Dear members,

We have finally managed to restore access to the Gold Alliance Fund website. During the technical difficulties we had many members deposit who were charged twice. This needs to be tended to before we can process any withdrawals. Also, we have over 200 tickets and 1000 emails from members which we need to sort through.

We understand your concerns but sending 50 emails for the same problem only delays the process for everyone. Please refrain from straining our support staff.

Kind Regards,

Jun-4-2013 08:41:24 AM
SecureAssets Accept EgoPay

Hello HyipSCOPE,

From today SecureAssets accept EgoPay. Also you can directly edit your EgoPay or PerfectMoney account number from edit profile section without waiting period.
For attracting new investors and keep our old investors satisfied, we will add 30% deposit bonus to the users who deposit through EgoPay or PerfectMoney during 4 and 5 June.

Secure Assets, INC.
535 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022
+1 (646) 506-9535

Jun-3-2013 09:53:13 PM
Back to Business!!!

Dear HRS Family,

It has been a long time since I gave you a written update, for this I apologize and I want to offer an assurance that I will communicate more regularly from now on, like I used to. The issues that have affected my personal life have been overwhelming and have affected my ability to focus on HourlyRevShare as much as I should have.

I want to thank you all for your patience and understanding (from most of you) during these difficult last few weeks. It is due to the automated payout script that payouts were able to continue during this time, which has been good, but the fact that some members are still waiting on payouts from 16th April is something that I want to address as soon as possible, now that I am back working more like normal again.

Yes, there are delays with payouts, but I want to assure you, even if it takes some time, everyone will be paid. In the coming week, we will be working through issues and options, then next week we will issue an other update letter outlining further details of what action we are going to take.

In the meantime, I will be disabling automation starting this week so that I have control over payout order of processing. This is so that I can address oldest outstanding payout requests.

Some of you are out of patience. I understand that, and again, those who are truly unhappy and do not wish to continue with HRS can ask for a refund. Refunds will be based on profit standing and will apply to accounts in which external funds were used to purchase Adpacks in the beginning, and only on those which have not yet achieved break-even. In-Profit accounts are not eligible for a refund.

Statistic: for the 5 days from 27th – 31st May, payouts amounted to $700 000.

During this week I will be reviewing all aspects of the business and making some decisions on those areas that are either inefficient or insufficiently controlled. It is my wish to keep HRS going and continuing to pay. This will require some adjustments and these will be made with the wellbeing of the members and the program in mind. They will not be rash decisions, but determinations reached after thorough consideration.

In keeping with the adjustments that I am considering, please be aware that our Terms and FAQs will be updated accordingly, once they are finalized. Additionally, the How It Works page will be completed and released, and Terms for Banner and Text Ads Submission will also be posted.

Work continues on resolving tickets, some of the responses have been delayed due to my unavailability. Moni and I will work through those tickets that require my input for resolution, starting with the oldest waiting tickets.

We have also decided that as of next week, we will implement the use of the 5 digit PIN so that members may once again take care of profile updates like payprocessor and email updating themselves. This will relieve pressure on HelpDesk, and also speed up the process so members are not left waiting for changes to be made. Now that we have the PIN set up for PIF we can also use it for ID verification for profile changes.

I really want to say “Thank You” to everyone who has sent me supportive and caring messages, prayers and well wishes in the last few weeks, especially since my son's accident. It means so much to me to have your support and it gives me strength and has helped me get through this nightmare. For that I am truly grateful.

Some people have been less kind, posting nasty comments about myself, Moni and Dr Lieven in the forums. Never have I seen so many untruths and misguided statements, hurtful and vicious comments and outright lies. Very sad to see. I wonder what miserable lives some people must lead to be able to come up with these vile comments. It is not for these people that we work.

I also want to make a special mention to those team leaders out there who continue to guide and reassure in some cases very significant downlines through their own team and group webinars etc. I truly appreciate and am honored by your support and loyalty throughout out this challenging time. Holding webinars and team meetings without information to share cannot have been easy and I congratulate you on your efforts. You are all rockstars.

With much love and respect,

Analie Steinway

Jun-3-2013 02:13:06 AM
LiqPay adding

Hello HyipSCOPE.org!

We added possibility to invest with the help of LiqPay EPS for your convenience. The list of payment systems our program works with will be even more increased later. The minimal deposit is $10 and the minimal amount for withdrawal is $1.

Best regards, SilverOz.net team

Jun-2-2013 07:11:09 PM
Exchange Liberty Reserve to another E-currency

Hello, HyipSCOPE!

As promised, we have added the ability to exchange funds on your LibertyReserve balance to another type of currency. This confirms once again that we
are keeping our promises.

You must understand, that we can not exchange the depreciated E-currency to valuable E-currency at the rate of 1 to 1, so we have to establish a small
conversion ratio of exchange, but it's more than the actual worth now the of E-currency. We will increase exchange ratio in the future, so if you have
the funds on your Liberty Reserve balance, we advise you to reinvest, creating a deposit from funds on your balance, and you will be able to get them
and new profit when the exchange rate will be higher.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,
Malaysian Investment Company Team

Jun-2-2013 08:08:06 AM
Far East Funds Testimonial Contest

Hello Guys,

We would like you to share your experiences with Fareastfunds so far and have planned a promotion to help guide new members with tips and ideas on how to make their experience a success story.

From tomorrow you will be able to post your strategy and recommendations on our testimonial page.

We will award those with the coolest ideas and strategies with 6 weekly prizes namely:
1st prize = $100
2nd prize = $60
3rd prize = $50
4th prize = $40
5th prize = $30
6th prize = $20

To qualify, you must submit your post on our testimonial page AND on one of our main forum topics or on our Facebook group.

Prizes are paid directly to your account in the e-currency you have used the most and you will be able to either withdraw the money or spend it to any plan of your choice.

To our success.

May-31-2013 09:03:40 PM
PerfectWallet Newsletter

Dear members and investors

Thank you for your support and understanding in the past 20 days.Today is 1st June,The internatial Children's day,So I hope you and your Children have a nice Children's Day!

Liberty Reserve is now gone and likely seized by the U.S. government. We are sorry to tell you this news, but LR won't return based on the information we have received.

To our LR members, now you have a chance to recover 20% of your losses. Here is what we offer to you. If you have deposited amount of money (from PM, STP, or Egopay) greater than or equal to your LR investment, you can exchange your LR balance to PM, STP or Egopay by accepting 80% discount, which means you will get 20% of your LR balance.
For example, if you deposit or have deposited $100 from PM, STP, or Egopay, you can at most exchange $100 LR balance to $20 PM, STP, or Egopay balance.

By the way, now PM api system get a problem: Request Timeout. We cannot process withdrawal requests right now. Our technicists are solving this problem, but we are not sure when we can complete solve this problem. If you don't want to wait, you can exchange your PM to STP. The steps are: frist, log in your account; then, go to exchange page; finally, type the amount you want to exchange and click exchange.

Thank you!

Perfect Wallet Team

May-31-2013 08:50:04 PM
RONWARDS LIMITED is a Registered UK Company

Hello HyipSCOPE ,

The day has been a long day for everyone at Ronwards Limited . Yes, you read that right, we are now a registered company in the UK as RONWARDS LIMITED. Ron Howards Investment Group is now operated by RONWARDS LTD. The same company, the same management but just under a new company name to represent a legal entity with a business registration number 8551869 .

For more information regarding our registration, please download our company registration certificate from this link: https://ronwards.com/certificate.pdf

And you can validate our registration by going to the Companies House website at http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk//wcframe?name=accessCompanyInfo and entering our business registration number on the search form "8551869" .

We are enhancing our services to you. This is one of the first steps to show our investors how serious we are with our business.

A reminder today is that you still have roughly 16 hours to edit your payment accounts in your profiles. After this time has elapsed, I will disable editing of profiles again and you will need to send a support ticket to edit your profiles again.

Another great news, is that Money News Online has posted the interview he conducted with me , you can read the interview on this page http://money-news-online.com/blog/2013/05/31/31052013-interview-with-the-admin-of-ronwards/

We have also extended our advertisements on several locations including that on Money News Online Blog.

We will do our best to answer all tickets daily. Thank you for your support!

Ron Howards of Ronwards Ltd.

May-31-2013 08:00:19 PM
GAF Winners! New Contest! Representatives! ** Link correction ~ CEO Interview

Dear Valued GAF Members,

This week we have had the pleasure of hearing from many of you about how we at GAF have been changing your lives over the past 3 weeks. There were many inspirational stories shared and we know our true success lies in the support we receive from such great members!

We have added the 10 winners’ testimonials to the site and you may view them here. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners. You have all received a $45 investment on us!

Giving is one of the reasons we started GAF and it’s what inspires us daily to deliver our best to our members. Starting immediately we are launching our new contest! We are giving away another ten $45 investments to those who post the most unique payment proof on any of the forums that can be found on our ratings page. If you were a winner in our testimonial contest you are more than welcome to partake again! Please submit you entry with a support ticket, with Forum Post as the subject. Include the forum you posted in and your forum user name in the ticket. The competition ends Sunday midnight EST so be sure to place your withdrawal Saturday as we don't process payments on Sundays.

Yesterday, I participated in an interview with David Vonte, owner of David News. His questions were very common to the questions we receive through our contact forms, support tickets and support inquiries. I understand when talking about GAF to others, questions arise that you may not know the answer to. This interview lets me explain it to them for you. A marketing tool you can easily send your people to for answers to their questions. GAF CEO Interview click here.

Lastly, we have been receiving many requests to assist people in their native dialect. As such we are launching our Representatives program. We will have a page added on the website that will allow potential members to get in touch someone locally or that speaks a specific language that can explain GAF in more detail. To apply for a representative position please submit a support ticket from your back office with one short paragraph stating why you would make a good addition to our representative program, include languages spoken, as well as your contact details that can be shared publicly.

From all of us at GAF we wish you a joyous weekend and we look forward to reading your payment proofs on the forums.

Yours Sincerely,
GAF CEO and Staff

May-31-2013 07:57:09 PM
Message from Wunev

I would like to thank our member base for spreading the word of our launch. We have welcomed almost 2,000 members in our first 48 hours of launch and those taking full advantage of our four level affiliate program:

Level 1: 5%
Level 2 Referrals: 2%
Level 3 Referrals: 1%
Level 4 Referrals: 1%

I would like to remind everyone that you can follow us on Facebook as well for all official messages from the company:


I can also be reached on Skype: wunevltd

Thank You,
Nicolasina Van Litsenburg
skype: wunevltd

May-31-2013 07:56:17 PM
EgoPay payment gate is launched!

Dear hyipscope,

We are glad to announce that Pure Income has officially launched Egopay payment gateway. As promised we will be introducing new depositing/withdrawing options for you shortly. Stay tuned!

Pure Income Team

May-31-2013 07:15:57 AM
Official Newsletter from Pure Income

Dear hyipscope,

This is an official Newsletter from Pure Income. As you may have heard Liberty Reserve has been shut down by the US authorities, however for those of you who used to both invest and withdraw with Liberty Reserve we have alternative payment options. You can use Perfect Money and Bank Wire Transfer ($500 minimum). We'll be introducing new payment gateways such as Egopay, SolidTrustPay, OKpay and Bitcoin. Very soon our customers from all over the world will have more choices for depositing or withdrawing with Pure Income! The incident with Liberty Reserve once again proved how sustainable we are. If you lost funds with that payment platform don't worry as here you can at least triple them. Thank you for your trust! Stay tuned!

Pure Income Team

May-30-2013 01:14:11 AM
Skype Group

Hello Friends,

How about we all chill in a Skype group? wouldn't it be cooler to stay in touch almost all the time with the company investing your money?

If you'd like to be part of our Skype group, Add the username Majesticpayday as a friend, mention your username in MajesticPayDay.com and we will add you to the group.

Please do not advertise any 3rd party programs and lets have some fun while we earn!


May-29-2013 05:31:55 AM
LibertyReserve no longer available as payment option.

Hello dear members,

as we all have noticed Liberty Reserve was seized by US government last week and is no longer operating as virtual currency, due to this sad news Secure Earn LTD. is no longer accepting Liberty Reserve as one of the payment options. Members who made deposit via LR will be contacted with exchange options in near future. Please make all future payments with reliable virtual currencies, such as PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay.

Best Regards,
Secure Earn LTD. team.

May-29-2013 05:31:08 AM
Bruce Lee - Be water.

Hello dear members,

due to recent Liberty Reserve shut down the e-commerce industry is at lowest point that it has been in last few years. Instead of worrying about industries future without such major electronic currency as LibertyReserve was, Secure Earn LTD. took step back and looked at this situation from philosophical stand point. We have to be like water, adjust to current situation and new oppurtunities will take place in next few months.

In this case I would to quote Bruce Lee - "Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend."

Video version:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTnSEFsInp0

Best Regards,
Secure Earn LTD. team.

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