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Plans: 113% After 10 Calendar Days,6% Daily On Business Days for 30 Days
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Our Investment: $600.00
Received: $639.93
Last Paid: 2017-03-30
Withdrawal: Manual
All Status: ISP - HYIP's Technical Analysis
Min~Max: $10 to $25000
Referral: 5%-2%-1%
Started: 2016-12-20
Monitored: 276 days
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Site Latest News: 2017-03-30 100 days anniversary
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Program Description

About Company Cryptocurrency literally have made irreversible changes in people's lives. Anyone who expected a revolution in the world of money circulation immediately assessed the potential of Bitcoin and predicted its rapid development. Since entering the market of payment systems cryptocurrency has experienced ups and downs of prices, however, it remains in demand as a means of storing and method of payment online. If you appreciate its prospects, we invite you to make money through direct investments in our business which is closely linked to cryptomining and trading activities on world crypto exchanges. The basis of OnePunchLTD constitutes professional software developers who were directly involved in the development and testing of most famous classical algorithms for mining, SHA-256 and Scrypt. The knowledge and practical skills are a guarantee of success of the company. It took us several years to formulate the concept of further development. Since 2013, we are partners in the construction business, which puts into operation a powerful farm for Bitcoin mining and wide range of coins (forks) on the basis of large energy-efficient data centers in the north of England. The company's staff also includes professional marketers and market experts that allow the stick to the required standards of conduct on the exchange, with investors and financial partners. In 2015 OnePunchLTD was officially registered for the conduction of financial activities outside the UK. This was partly driven by a desire to attract private capital for the construction of large mining stations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark, and also for research and development of advanced mining algorithms. The company does not set a goal to increase the financial assets, but the profit is a byproduct of our business, as well as a great motivation for our partners. In addition, the company's management is focused on taking the company public through an initial public offering (IPO) and issue shares in the summer of 2018, which imposes additional obligations OnePunchLTD in front of investors and auditors. The proposed investment strategy is clear enough and its conditions will be acceptable for the most discerning moneymakers online and also advanced investors. It includes everyday accrual arrived for relatively short periods and low requirements for deposits as well.




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Latest Payouts Elite Sticky Listing + $8.47 
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 BITCOIN INVEST CLUB LTD Elite Sticky Listing + $1.10 
Date: Oct 18th  
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 Fast Pay Btc + $1.84 
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 W Capital + $2.00 
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 Amaizing Trade LTD + $2.03 
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 Libertycrypto + $5.00 
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Trusty Hour Ltd
WONDERFUL Date : 10/18/2017 02:34 From/To Account : U13567865 Amount : 594.00 Currency : USD Batch : 191678412 Memo : API Payment. Withdrawal from
Perfect! Punctuality payout like usual The amount of 1449 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13530439->U{.}.....{.}. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Date: 16:09 18.10.17. Batch: 191747013.
I have a great experience since I deposited here The amount of 718.5 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13530439->U****. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Date: 17:26 18.10.17. Batch: 191754709.
Withdrawal ฿ 0.03693448 Oct-18-2017 17:46:27 PM Withdraw to account 1ETAm3R4mCEcFt7K6U8pCgxLEGZDV5XrDU. Batch is 92ff13ff2799780d18c2b1e9536872c7c5148ec78ee70c755cdf1a2b75f69eb5.
Hour pay Ltd
Got the payment as other members The amount of 34.65 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13396295->U*****. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from HOUR PAY LIMITEDBest Bitcoin Investment.. Date: 11:22 18.10.17. Batch: 191719485.
Chain Group Service
Number one High Yield Investment Programs Date : 18.10.17 12:16 From/To Account : U12935665 Amount : 10.50 Currency : USD Batch :191728734 Memo: API Payment. payout 894278
Hour pay Ltd
This admin can manage everything amazingly Date : 10/18/2017 18:40 From/To Account : U13396295 Amount : 4500.00 Currency : USD Batch : 191761881 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw from HOUR PAY LIMITEDBest Bitcoin Investment.
Hour pay Ltd
Hopefully the program will run forever Date : 10/18/2017 15:55 From/To Account : U13396295 Amount : 1300.00 Currency : USD Batch : 191745293 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw from HOUR PAY LIMITEDBest Bitcoin Investment.
Arbitcoins Ltd
DO NOT deposit over 100, they will not let you withdraw. They fish for bigger deposits and not pay out. Scammers.
SCAM!! fake votes all over! my initial investment of $400 gone!!!
Chain Group Service
MY Favorite investment company. I like instant payment and I have earned over $ 82 here, thanks a lot. Chain Group Services is my trusted and Very Reliable company.
Chain Group Service
The amount of 19 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U12935665->UXXXX***. Memo: API Payment. payout .. Date: 20:41 18.10.17. Batch: 191731694.
user:chonglaohoa ; is scam ??? 4 months pending ??? dog dog dog scam scam ; zalo : 01268173839 ;
Chain Group Service
The first Fast payment received from Chain Group Service by schedule : The amount of 5.7 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U12935665->U246****. Memo: API Payment. payout .. Date: 14:39 18.10.17. Batch: 191741295.
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